Why Diplo Matters

In 2012 it was impossible to ignore Thomas Wesley Pentz or Diplo as many of you will know him by. As we transitioned in to 2013, it was evident that Diplo has taken over the world musically and I know I'm certainly okay with this. The man really almost needs no introduction, but then again not everyone might be as familiar with him. However, either way it is important to know him because well, we needed him in music. He brought unique aspects to not only his individual music, but his other projects and his own label, Mad Decent.

The DJ/producer has been making music since the early 2000's (although he was DJing before this), but his work with MIA is what threw him in to some serious notoriety. Blending music styles from all over the world, he brought a completely unique sound that was different from anything else out there. It is something the music industry needed, and his influences from other countries has enabled him to become one of the most well-rounded and diverse producers currently out. Think about it. He produced one of Usher's best song's "Climax," but then creates dancehall/electronic music as Major Lazer, and then makes hip hop beats like "Look At Me Know," which he worked on with Afrojack. Literally, what genre cannot he not do? He has taken on electronic, funk, hip hop, R&B, dubstep, reggae, electro, house, and even pushed moombahton to attention. His endless ability to adapt to genres and really not be afraid to keep pushing music boundaries has made him one of the most sought after producers.

"If you rated someone's popularity by how much hate they get from journalists, I'm fucking super-popular." - Pitchfork Interview 2010

Yet, his founding label Mad Decent has become one of the purveyors of good music in the coming years as well, which has its own repertoire growing. Just like his own influences and music styles, he created a place for artists doing something unique and cool. With his label and amazing roster, he has thrown free concerts in major cities like Philadelphia where he has roots, New York City, and more. These "Block Parties" as they are called have been known for their intense fun, and only added to the labels resume. Mad Decent's roster includes a hell of selection of artists including trap sensation Baauer, Dillion Francis, Flosstradamus, Snoop Lion, Zedds Dead, Major Lazer, and tons more. So as he not only continues to experiment and create new sounds to the mainstream, his label as well pushes artists to recognition.

So this comes down to why Diplo matters. Although he does plenty of songs and production outside of mainstream notice, it's the songs that do make the radio or become big that are major influences. Most songs that are extremely popular use the same mudane formula, but Diplo shook the industry with production that was completely different and was stilll accepted. If anyone deserves the respect, it is him. Oh yeah, and he get's hot girls to twerk it on the daily. RESPECT.

Stream his new jam with Usher called "Go Missin," it's a banger.


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