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Generationals - "Greenleaf" (Twice As Nice Remix)

Twice As Nice Remix of "Greenleaf"

One of the latest indie bands that I am into a lot lately is Generationals, yet what is also great about their sound is it works well for remixes. This is what Australian production duo Twice As Nice noticed and released this remix of "Greenleaf." They turned the indie jam into a upbeat, poppy, dance song that is instantly lovable. You can stream the remix below and download for free.


House Shoes Presents DREAMS: B.I.G. Re:Imagined (Mixtape)

DJ House Shoes released a project that took some Notorious B.I.G. vocals and linked up with some friends to release a mixtape called House Shoes Presents: DREAMS – B.I.G. Re: Imagined. He decided to work with Nottz, Waajeed, Quelle Chris, 14KT, Knxwledge, and Khrysis, which then formed this interesting Biggie remix project.

House Shoes mentioned: “On March 9th, I got a lightbulb. My light bulbs are usually pretty flawless. Sent a bunch of B.I.G. acapellas to the homies. This is the result.” Yet, what is cool is that you can download this entire project for free and then is some serious gems on this tape. Stream and download below.


Ab-Soul & Short Dawg – "Bubble Gum Blues" (Produced by Larry Fisherman aka Mac Miller)

While all of the TDE crew are well-versed in hip hop, Ab-Soul is one of my favorites and he is back with a song called "Bubble Gum Blues" featuring Short Dawg. The pair share verses back and forth over a beat by Mac Miller, who is going under the pseudonym Larry Fisherman when he produces beats. I was surprised by the beat, it's pretty good and it seems Miller is going to be venturing down the production lane more. Stream below.


Charli XCX - “What I Like”

New Song from Charli XCX called "What I Like"

The singer/songwriter/producer from the UK Charli XCX released a brand new tune called "What I Like" off her upcoming debut record True Romance. She has been around for awhile now and has let out some solid tunes, so her debut is definitely overdue. On "What I Like" we find her on an energetic, somewhat hip hop and electro beat as she flows with some crisp singing. It's a lighthearted vibe and I'm liking it a lot. You can get her debut record soon, as the album is due out April 16th.


Flosstradamus x DJ Sliink - "Crowd CRTL"

The trap Chicago duo Flosstradamus teamed up with New Jersey native DJ Sliink for a track called "Crowd CRTL." You'll be able to find this song on Flosstradamus's upcoming EP called NOMADS, which is out April 2 via Fool's Gold. You might actually recognize parts of the beat as it has ended up in a few mixes, but this is the first time the entire track is available to hear. Also, the beat samples audio clips from the movie The Warriors. Can you dig it?


Chiddy Bang - "Friday (On My Way)"

Chiddy Bang's new song "Friday (On My Way)"

Today has been jumpin' with new music and album streams, now Philly duo Chiddy Bang returns with a song called "Friday (On My Way)." It finds the pair teamed up with The Hood Internet for a pop heavy hip hop tune. I can't even remember the last time we heard something new from Chiddy Bang since their debut album, but it's good to hear from them again. Stream below.


Stream Tyler, The Creators New Album Wolf

Stream Tyler, The Creator's New Album Wolf

Well, that did not take long after posting his new video, Tyler unleashed a full stream of his forthcoming sophomore record Wolf. Yet, I really shouldn't be THAT surprised considering a leaked version was floating around the web (I tend to ignore those) and it's become the norm to stream records prior to the release date. It's a record that is certainly worth checking out though and you'll find features from Erykah Badu, Pharrell, and some of the Odd Future crew. Stream it below.


Daughter - "Human"

Stream the new single "Human" by Daughter

Indie folk group Daughter will be releasing their new album If You Leave on April 30th and today they released a new song called "Human" for us to enjoy. What stood out first about this song is the lush vocals that powered perfectly over the relaxed acoustic instrumentation. I haven't really followed up much in this genre as of late, but "Human" has reeled me back in. Stream the single below and make sure to stay tuned for the English trio's album at the end of next month.


King Chip - "Heinous" ft. Tezo

Stream "Heinous" by rapper King Chip

Cleveland's King Chip is continuing to grind away at new music, this time he drops off a tune called "Heinous" featuring another fellow Clevelander named Tezo. This song was set to be on a compilation album from another artist that was called Bitch I'm from Cleveland, but Chip pulled that out and wanted to make it another release for his upcoming mixtape Clevelafornia. If you didn't notice by now, he represents his hometown in a big way, which much respect to him for that and not forgetting his roots. But on this self-produced song, we get to hear what Chip can bring to the production table as well as those tough lyrics and flow. Stream below.


Video: Tyler, The Creator - "IFHY"

New video for "IFHY" from Tyler, The Creator

As we get closer to the April 2 release date of Tyler, The Creator's new album Wolf, he releases a new video for a song called "IFHY." I actually wasn't expecting this from the Odd Future leader, but hey it's Friday so why not? He self-directed this video as he tends to do and the clip zooms in on him sitting on a couch with what looks like a lot of make-up to alter his appearance. As the song slowly builds up the video zooms out and you see a lot more going on. Watch below.


42 Ghosts - Because F**K You (EP)

Downlod Because Fuck You from 42 Ghosts

Back in November, we stumbled across a mysterious production duo named 42 Ghosts, who released a mixtape of remixes of Death Grips tunes. There was no information really, but the tunes spoke for themselves and were really good. Yet, as quickly as that happened, they faded back into darkness until I got an email from them about a short, free EP called Because Fuck You. According to their Soundcloud, they "hacked up producer illimind's comp." They almost come off like the Internet faction Anonymous, but for beats. Yet, these beats are straight bangers. Plus, their email's are always entertaining when they submit: 

"Ey it's been a minute but we been busy doin what we do. Got a new mixtape for ya. There's a story behind it. Stole files from a producer's computer, did way too many drugs to make these beats, all recorded on a real as fuck tape deck. But I won't bore you. just fuckin bang your head to the drums."


S-Type - "Dyena"

Download S-Type's "Dyena"

There are so many good producers on the come-up experimenting with sounds, one being S-Type who we all need to watch out for. The Scottish producer has a similar style to his LuckyMe pals Hudson Mohawke and Lunice, blurring the lines between hip hip, electronic, and a bit of trap. On the latest song "Dyena," the young producer takes on a classic Jackson song, "Dirty Diana," and builds a superb beat from it, taking it in a new direction. Stream below and you can get a free download as well.


Active Child - "Evening Ceremony"

So far 2013 has been relatively quiet for electronic/R&B singer Active Child, but he returns with a song called "Evening Ceremony." It's a mellow anthem and of course his vocals are stronger than ever; it is actually what drew me in initially to his music. The production is smooth and relaxed as it slowly builds up a bit, but again, it never overpowers the most important aspect - Active Child's voice. Stream the new song below and be prepared to replay it a few times.


Ryan Hemsworth - "Proto"

Stream "Proto" by Ryan Hemsworth

I have to admire how far Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth has come in the last year, and it's due to his constant work flow, skills at producing originals, and making some of the best remixes. The latest to be released is called "Proto," which will be part of a compilation dedicated to video game composer Yasunori Mitsuda. This is actually pretty fitting for Hemsworth who enjoys incorporating video game sounds and samples into a few of his tunes. Stream the cut below.


MP3/Video: The Theorist - "Tides" (The xx)

Watch the video for "Tides" by The Theorist

The Toronto native The Theorist is back with a free download and new video for "Tides," which samples UK band The xx. Previously, we got to see how amazing he was on piano, but with this song he is showing us what he can bring to the production side. The video was directed by Johnny Theophilus, who created a dark, yet captivating representation of the song and ideas The Theorist had. You can download the song for free below and watch the video as well. Also, his third full-length album, Weak Ends and Weak Nights, should be out later this year.


Carousel - "Another Day"

Stream "Another Day" by duo Carousel

In 2012 we were introduced to a electro/indie duo and Berklee College Of Music alumni Carousel, who quickly rose to notoriety and some praise. The pair is back with a new track following their SXSW performances called "Another Day." With that similar sound we got from their previous tunes, this one adds in plenty of pop elements that will have you humming along in no time. These guys have the right sound and 2013 should find them even more success that last year. Stream below.


Video: Lana Del Rey - "Chelsea Hotel No 2"

Watch the video for Chelsea Hotel 2 by Lana Del Rey

In the usual Lana Del Rey fashion, she releases a new dark and sulky video for the song "Chelsea Hotel No 2,"  which is a cover of Leonard Cohen’s 1974 version that appeared on his fourth album New Skin for the Old Ceremony. I actually really like the cover Del Rey did because her vocals are the focal point, adding more emotion to the song. There actually is not much to this video either, but it is effective in delivering something to match the song. Check it out below.


Tyler, The Creator + Frank Ocean + Stereolab - “PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer”

Tyler, The Creator's new record Wolf is approaching and people are certainly buzzing about it. Yet, one of the most anticipated tracks is the 7 minute jam called "PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer” featuring Frank Ocean and Stereolab's front woman Lætitia Sadier. It's an interesting track that changes up, considering it is technically three tracks in one, and it is a lot more mellow compared to "Domo 23." But the chill vibes suite the trio well. Stream below and let us know what you think.


Hudson Mohawke - "Pleasure"

Download Hudson MoHawke's Pleasure

Although Hudson Mohawke's track "Pleasure" has been released before back on his 2011 project Pleasure Principle, the song resurfaced as a remastered track. Not only is the track crisper, but it's also free to download and that is always a bonus. If you have not heard this song before, it features a sample of Janet Jackson on it and his a mix of alternative/electronic. Stream below and hit up HudMo's Soundcloud to get a download.


BenZel - "Fallin' Love" (Alex Young Remix)

Alex Young's remix of Fallin' Love

With most remixes, there are only a select few I trust to deliver something worthy of the original and one of them is Alex Young. What makes him even more impressive is the fact he is so young (16), yet has retained a style and sound just as good, if not better than most producers that are older than him. This remix he takes on BenZel's "Fallin' Love" and changes it to a mellow trap jam with tons of synth. There is just an array of instrumentation he adds into this and it ends up being really damn good. You can stream and download the song below.


Video: Passion Pit - "Cry Like A Ghost"

Passion Pit video for Cry Like A Ghost

Passion Pit returns with another video, this time for their song "Cry Like A Ghost," off their most recent and excellent record, Gossamer. If you have not explored or purchased that record yet, you are missing out and should probably get on that. Anyway, the visual depicts a woman who ends up reflecting on her past, which features her in some situations with different males. There is also quite a bit of dancing in this as well, but check it out for yourself below.


Aaliyah - "Rock the Boat" (Jelani Remix)

Download Aaliyah's "Rock The Boat" remixed by Jelani

I'm sure quite of few of you might of sighed heavily or hesitated when you saw a remix track of R&B singer Aaliyah. Fans really guard her music and understandingly, but I was really feeling the vibes JELANI put into this. This will be on a compilation project of Aaliyah tunes that the producer is developing, and this song indicates their will be some seriously sexy and cool remixes to be heard. Smooth synths, nice drums, and Aaliyah's beautiful vocals come together in hazy, but perfect way. The project will be out in early June, but until then we get to enjoy a remix of "Rock The Boat."


Future - "No Love" (Prod. DJ Spin & Dun Deal)

Listen to "No Love" by Future

Surprised to see the auto-tuned crooner/rapper on here? Me too. But you know what, while Future might not have the best lyricism, the ATL native makes some damn catchy tracks. Think back to 2012 and into this year about all the hot hip hop jams, there is at least 1 or 2 on your list that Future is a part of. Poor T-Pain must be wondering what the fuck happened to his career, because Future took control. His new song "No Love" was produced by DJ Spinz and Dun Deal and it will be on the upcoming mixtape HPG 2.  I wasn't sure about this track at first either, but give it a couple spins and you'll most likely get into it like I did.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - "If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t On The Dancefloor)"

Stream a new song from Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr

It's been quite some time since we posted something from Detroit natives Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., but here we are with a new song called "If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t On The Dancefloor)." This is a great way to start off the middle of the week, an upbeat jam that will get you in a better mood. This will be on their upcoming Patterns EP out April 16th, but until then stream this song below.


Skizzy Mars - Phases (Mixtape)

Download Phases from Skizzy Mars

Skizzy Mars made an impact in the hip hop scene about two years ago, and we now finally get the full mixtape called Phases. I'm pretty excited about this because if you ever heard "Colours," "Douchebag," and the more recent "15" then you know Skizzy has the wordplay and flow. Although I wish we had this project sooner, it was actually a better call for him to take his time and create some good tunes. While hip hop and rapping is his game, he blends in EDM, pop, and indie samples. You can download for free just for your email address, totally worth it.


Phoenix - "Entertainment" (Blood Orange Remix)

Blood Orange Remix of Phoenix's Entertainment

Well, this song got me excited not only because it involves Phoenix's recent single, "Entertainment," but because it is remixed by Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange. He is the latest to become the master of producing solid tunes, including developing his own sound and remixes for himself. On the synth heavy song from Phoenix, Hynes adds in an R&B vibe mixed with some 80's pop sounds.Overall win all around on this. Stream and download below.


Dillon Francis featuring Simon Lord - "Messages"

Dillon Francis New Song Messages

Dillon Francis released a new tune called "Messages" that features Simon Lord just the other day via Mad Decent. If there is one producer in the EDM and Mombahton dance world that is changing the game, Francis is certainly it. Hell, out of all the producers that are growing in the electronic world, I think it is Francis that has the best grasp by changing things up and delivering new sounds. Sort of a leader, if you will. Stream the song below.


Blu & Bombay - "Dre Day"

Download Blu and Bombay's Dre Day

Blu is back with another new song called "Dre Day" with producer Bombay. The pair are collaborating on a new upcoming project, which is set to be called Good To Be Home. If you couldn't guess by the song title, this is a shout to the legendary Dr. Dre, with Blu spittin' some verses about the rapper/producer. If this track and the previous cuts are any indication of what we are in for, this collab album should be dope. Stream and download this track below.


The Essential Slightly Stoopid Tunes

The Essential Slightly Stoopid Tunes

Since I discovered alternative/punk/reggae band Slightly Stoopid over 6 years ago, I've become one of their biggest fans. Sure, a lot of people can say that and I probably sound like a total groupie, but I literally have every one of their albums, except their debut. It's quite the collection of songs considering the band has been around since the mid-90's. I'm not going to dive into much about the band or really about their career because this is more about the great music they make. For all you Stoopid heads out there, most of these songs will already be in your collection, but for those looking to know some of their best tunes this is it. I wanted to give a variety that expands since their 1996 album to their current sound. Kick back, grab a brew or if you are at work let this reduce your 9-5 stress, because these are some of the essential Slightly Stoopid tunes. Also, if you are feeling these tunes below and want to purchase them, check out the band on iTunes.

"The Otherside" ft. Guru
This is off their 2007 album Chronchitis and was one of the more jazzy sounding joints. Yet, between their mellow grooves and Guru's (RIP) fresh flow, Slightly Stoopid proved they could make something different from anything they had previously done.

"This Joint"
If you know anything about most reggae bands, marijuana is a big part of the culture. Whether you smoke or not is your business, but it does not change the fact how good this track is. From the accents, the bass, and rapid lyric delivery the boys found the ultimate toker's anthem. This is off their 2005 record Closer to the Sun.

"Top of the World"
This was the latest single from their 2012 album of the same name, which was a long time coming from their 2007 record. This would introduce fans and new listeners alike to their first hint of new music, and might be one of their more accessible joints to date.

This was actually the first track I ever heard by the band when I was looking at related music to Sublime on iTunes, and instantly loved it. It's a fun party song about the cops busting up a good time. I know every Summer this is added to any playlist for the beach or pool parties.

"I'm So Stoned"
As I've said before, with most bands like this, getting high becomes a central theme. Now, I'm no pothead, but I just love the groove in these songs. This is actually off their first record, which had a lot more punk roots. This song actually reminds me more closely to something Sublime would make.

"Sweet Honey"
Another one of their more accessible jams, this one reminds me of good times with friends at the beach. Anytime winter or shitty weather hits me in Pennsylvania, this tune will get me out of any funk and help me dream of paradise. Plus, how can you not sing along to the "Sweet Honey"? It's also one of the tracks where both Miles and Kyle go back and forth on singing duties.

One of the jams of Chronchitis, featured a new array of instruments for the band including a harmonica that creates a whole new atmosphere. Then cue in the Saxophone and we have a brilliant tune to relax to. They jam out with no vocals until about the 1:46 minute too.

"Closer to the Sun"
One my personal favorites off the 2005 album of the same title, and possibly my all-time favorite Stoopid track as well. The intricate acoustic guitar playing is ridiculous and extremely catchy, plus with Kyle's excellent echoing crooning, it's one everyone needs in their collection.

"Wiseman" (Acoustic Roots Version)
Back in 2004, the band released an Acoustic Roots album, performing a stripped down record of previous tunes. I of course love the original of "Wiseman," but this has so much new emotion behind the lyrics and a rustic feel. This is actually almost a tie with the previous tune for my favorite Slightly Stoopid song.

"I Would Do For You"
One of the best bass lines to their songs, this comes off a 2008 record that featured outtakes, rarities, and brand new studio jams. Considering this really wasn't a brand new album, all the material was still more solid than most bands could dream of putting out.

"Wicked Rebel"
This is a more aggressive sound, but the accents and the instrumentation is addicting as hell. Even though it might not be one of my absolute favorite tracks, it ends up being played a lot when I listen to the band. This is on their 2003 album Everything You Need.

"No Cocaine"
Another track off that 2008 album of rarities and outtakes, it's sort of an anti-drug song. What I mean by that is it's basically their ode to only loving "Mary Jane." Yet, it's so groovy and the fact that at some parts his accent is so heavy, makes this such an entertaining listen.

"Collie Man"
Another song with some intricate acoustic guitar playing, but man does this give you some great vibes. It's also one of their shortest songs from the 2003 record, but sometimes short and sweet is for the best. This is one of their more popular songs from their collection as well among fans.

One of the songs that they incorporated much more instruments, this jazzy reggae anthem is for those cool nights around a bonfire just goofing off and living in the moment. I actually find this song to also be perfect to put some headphones on and just close your eyes to.

Cam Meekins - "Everyday" (Prod. Fresco Stevens)

Cam Meekins Everyday

After I wrote about Hip Hop artists that deserve recognition in 2013, Cam Meekins thanked me for the inclusion and promised new music soon. Well, here we are a few weeks later with a brand new track called "Everyday." The mellow production with piano is courtesy of Fresco Stevens, who's beat is perfect for the lyrical play and relaxed style Meekins brings. Each new track this kid releases is a step up from the last and he is proving that 2013 could be a big year for him. Stream and download below.


The Cardigans - "Lovefool" (RAC Cover featuring Liz Anjos)

RAC covers The Cardigans Lovefool

The Remix Artist Collective or RAC is not new to this blog, but this time they cover The Cardigans "Lovefool," featuring André Alan Anjos wife Liz on vocal duties. Usually, these types of covers can be tricky and make a lot of fans of the original uneasy, but I think the husband and wife duo did this cover just right. Its got the right amount of funk and pop without being to over the top. You can stream it below and also download for free. What's not to love?


Video: A$AP Rocky featuring Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam – "Wild for the Night"

Out of all the A$AP Rocky tunes, "Wild For the Night" might of been his biggest surprise working with Skrillex and Birdy Nam Nam. These collaborators made this unique fusion of dubstep and hip hop, that actually worked pretty well. Now we have the official video that finds Rocky and the rest of the A$AP Mob down in the Dominican Republic joining the locals, street kids, and some fine females. Watch below and let us know what you think.


Nicky Romero - "Symphonica"

Stream Nicky Romero's "Symphonica"

If there is one rising star in the EDM world it is Dutch native Nicky Romero, who just wrapped up a solid set at Ultra Music Festival. No sooner finishing that, the producer released a new track called "Symphonica" on Protocol Recordings. This song is pretty cool as Romero incorporates a classical symphony feel to it, yet keeps the electronic fun through out. While this has some drops, it doesn't hit as hard as some of his other material, yet this is still a solid creative jam that shows his capabilities. Stream the cut below.


Woodkid - "I Love You" (Brodinski Remix)

Parisian producer Brodinski took on a track called "I Love You" from the very creative Woodkid and made a new remix of it. I'm very selective when it comes to remixes of artists I really admire as a lot of times producers might ruin it. Yet, Brodinski is a master at his craft and found a menacing sound that Woodkid's vocals fit right on. I'm not only surprised, but quite impressed with the results. Stream it below.


Artist: The Bullitts

Artist profile on The Bullitts

(Dan's Note: This article will be approximately 100x more enjoyable if you Watch ALL The Videos. Thank you for your cooperation... :)

Who are The Bullitts? I realized the other day that there's never been a single post on our lovely site about the music of this very unique artist. That's right Artist, singular. The proper question would actually be, "Who is The Bullitts?"

So, now that you know who The Bullitts is, musician/producer/director Jeymes Samuel, you're probably thinking, "Wow, that's one talented dude!" Or, "How have I not heard of this guy before?" If this is your introduction to Samuel's work, well, like I said, we've never posted anything from The Bullitts before--something I really should've corrected awhile ago, but I kept putting off writing this artist profile because I knew it would have to be something epic--and other blogs cover Samuel's music, but, even with that, he has been really economical with his releases. He's either a master of building up hype or he just doesn't care too much about his presence in the current musical landscape.

As time goes on though, The Bullitts' story just keeps getting more and more interesting. If you can't tell from the two videos you've seen so far, he's well-connected. He didn't just surprise Rosario Dawson on the street, he's her personal friend and she was a part of the act the whole time. And as you heard in the second video, he's also got Lucy Liu narrating his debut album They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories, in which she plays the main character who is telling the story of how she committed a murder.

Also, as he mentioned in the "Conversation with The Bullitts" video, he's got Jay Electronica featured on his album and, rumor has it, he is the main producer of Jay E's debut album, Act II: The Patents Of Nobility. Yes, the one that's been delayed for about three years and counting now. Jay E is, in my opinion, the best rapper making music right now, and one of the best artists out there, but, as far as his releases go, he seems to have turned into a ghost. For me, it just makes him even more fascinating, but I know a lot of people are losing hope in him. It's a huge testament to the talent of Samuel though that one of the most talented, mysterious major label artists alive has done the majority of his work with him. Samuel talks about his unique chemistry with Jay E, along with many other things, in his recent interview with Jay-Z's Life + Times.

Oh, I'm not done yet. There's plenty more. Did I mention that Samuel is rumored to be working closely with Jay-Z on The Great Gatsby soundtrack? Did I mention he just premiered a film of his own, They Die By Dawn, at SXSW two weeks ago, based partly on his debut album? Yep, he's a busy guy. As he's mentioned in multiple interviews, he rarely sleeps. They Die By Dawn the film is a western set in Langston, Oklahoma in 1890, one of the first Black settlements post-slavery, near the area in Tulsa, OK once known as "Black Wall Street". The film has an all-star cast that includes Rosario Dawson, Harry Lennix, Isaiah Washington, Jesse Williams, Michael K. Williams, Nate Parker, Giancarlo Esposito, and Erykah Badu playing the roles of famous African-American cowboys and outlaws such as Ben Hodges, Rufus Buck, Nat Love, and Stagecoach Larry.

On the film Samuel said, "The portrayal of Black people in cinema disturbed me anyway, but watch the Westerns. The reason why Westerns used to bug the hell out of me was because they never, ever show Black people and when they would, they’ll give a reason for us being there ... Lincoln did what he did in 1865. Decades [after] that in the old West where Black people were chilling! They were chilling! We were cowboys! There was Rufus Buck, Nat Love, Stagecoach Larry, Ben Hodges, John Taylor, all of these cowboys and cowgirls that we have never, ever learned about that weren’t slaves. They were free and law-abiding citizens making a name for themselves that people can read about over a hundred years later." Watch the preview for They Die By Dawn below.

And finally, let me rap it up with the latest release, and possibly the best so far, from The Bullitts that just dropped last week. The song, "They Die By Dawn" ft. Jay Electronica, Lucy Liu, and Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def), which serves as the film's theme song and is also featured on The Bullitts's debut album They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories, which, according to Life + Times, is coming soon. Get caught up with all of The Bullitts amazing work, go see the film, and get excited for this album!


Video: Generationals - "Put A Light On"

Generationals have become one of my new favorite indie/pop bands and at the end of last week they debuted their new video for the excellent single "Put A Light On." You'll be able to find this song on their forthcoming album Heza, which will be out April 4th. The playful atmosphere of this visual is exactly what the catchy tune needed and it is making me even more ready for this record. Watch below and pre-order Heza right here if you'd like.


Artists That Would Be Fun To Party With

I was sitting around the other day brainstorming some ideas for a new post and one thing that came to mind was about artists I'd love to party with. Maybe it is based on the style of music, maybe it's because you've seen a live show, or it could even be their personalities in interviews that you can tell going to a party with this person would be a damn good time. After realizing that I thought this would be an interesting post, I had a flood of names come to mind. This of course is mostly opinion based and I'm sure there are a ton more artists I missed that if someone said it, I'd be like hell yeah I'd party with them. I did not include bands or duo's in this, just individual artists because this list would just get crazy at that point. So check out some artists I'd love to party with below. Also, make sure to tell us who you would love to rage with in the comments below.

Andrew W.K.
I think this is given for anyone's party list because the guy not only had a 2001 hit song called "Party Hard," but he always seem like that happy guy ready to just have some serious fun. Yet, as soon as you hear that song you know this is a guy you'd want to throw a major house party with and do some crazy shit with. With his signature tee, jeans, and long hair he is also mostly likely the guy that shows up to a party and things get 10x more reckless.

Tyler, The Creator
Now, from what I know Tyler isn't into drinking or drugs, which is a solid choice and a respectable one as well but this also does not eliminate him from someone I'd want to party with. I mean, have you seen the antics that he pulls with his Odd Future crew? He's the type that would get your drunk friends to do some dumb and funny things, even partaking in a lot of stuff himself, all the while being sober. Solid. Let this video of some his funny moments explain why I'd want to have him at a party.

The Toronto rapper/crooner is on the list because he loves women and they love him. Dim down the lights and put on some Drizzy, then just watch as all the women melt with happiness. I'd no doubt want him at my party, plus I think a majority of us have seen him drop stacks at fancy strip clubs. Enough said.

Danny Brown
We all need that lighthearted and goofy guy at a party, so cue in Danny Brown. Every time I watch an interview or catch some of his backstage videos, I want to party with him. He is absolutely hilarious, but knows how to throw down some good times. He'd be the guy you'd see at a party and think is weird based on his style, but then when you meet him and get to know him, you realize how fucking cool he is.

Snoop Lion
Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion is the essential mellow guy at any party. He just is looking for a cool chill time and keeps all the drama away. Granted, he smokes a lot of pot, but so what? It's Snoop. He is an OG and if shit goes down, you know he can calm the situation down and bring everyone together to have a good time. Plus, this Vice video of him talking about a party he attended is too good.

Action Bronson
Former chef turned rap connoisseur, Action Bronson would be that funny guy every party needs. Of course he would be doing this with a fat blunt the entire night, but every time I see Bronson in an interview I just want to hang with the dude. Hell, he'd probably bust out some rhymes throughout the night, which would be solid. I thinking something similar to this Princeton performance would be dope.

I do not think anyone would turned down a chance to party with RiRi, as she is not only one of the biggest entertainers in the world, but brings the sexiness. While she has the sweet and innocent side, we all know she can get dirty and keep up with the boys. Just leave Chris Brown at home, we don't need bottles flying around or walls being punched. Thanks babe.

Everything about Diplo when it comes to having a good time, he does right. He is the hype-man to any essential party, where he'll go from jumping around to getting girls to twerk it all night. No party would be complete with out him. If you watch any of his live footage, you know the madness he could bring and for some reason I could see a Project X type party happening.

Zedd ft. Bright Lights - "Follow You Down" (Keys N Krates Remix)

Being new to the electronic world is allowing me to discover and share so many solid tunes, like Zedd's "Follow You Down" remix by Keys N Krates. Probably out of all the EDM producers out there, Zedd is one of my favorites so I had to check out what this remix would entail. Keys N Krates is a Toronto trio who tend to be influenced by hip hop, electronic, and trap, which is what you sort of get in this. If you were not a big trap or mash-up fan, I think these guys will be your new exception. Listen and get a free download below.


Jessie Ware - "Imagine It Was Us"

Alt/Pop singer Jessie Ware debuted her new tune "Imagine It Was Us" the other night on Annie Mac's BBC1 radio show. It will be released as an official single in May and will be on her anticipated debut record called Devotion. Luckily, there is a radio rip of the song so we can enjoy the pop, yet dance filled track. Some other solid news from Jessie Ware is that she has A$AP Rocky on her official "Wildest Moments" remix, which should be coming out very soon.


Major Lazer - Lazer Strikes Back Vol. 3 (EP)

Another weekend is coming to an end and while that is sad, Lazer Strikes Back Vol. 3 from Major Lazer should put you in a better mood. If you missed volumes 1 and 2, Major Lazer had decided to release some free material in a series for the fans since they had to delay their upcoming record, Free The Universe. Pretty solid suggestion and we've got some great stuff from them for free. Check out the latest


Ellie Goulding & Madeon - "Stay Awake"

Some weekends there ends up being a lot of music to share and then like this weekend not as much. Yet, I got excited when I saw a newer song from Madeon and Ellie Goulding called "Stay Awake." On this one, Madeon produces a solid upbeat sound that fit's Goulding's voice with perfection. If these two can make a song like this, then I damn sure would like to hear a lot more from the pair. Stream "Stay Awake" below.


Sid Sriram Releases "Sing About Me" Rendition, Featuring Warryn Campbell

As Sid Sriram's buzz and music resume continues to build, it's really only a matter of time before the crooner will take over the industry. His latest is a rendition of Donny Hathaway's "A Song for You," which quickly transitions to the hook of Kendrick Lamar's "Sing About Me" along with his own verse. At first it sounds a bit complicated, but when you watch Sriram sing along with Warryn Campbell's great piano work, you quickly realize how amazing this is. Watch it below.


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