42 Ghosts - Because F**K You (EP)

Downlod Because Fuck You from 42 Ghosts

Back in November, we stumbled across a mysterious production duo named 42 Ghosts, who released a mixtape of remixes of Death Grips tunes. There was no information really, but the tunes spoke for themselves and were really good. Yet, as quickly as that happened, they faded back into darkness until I got an email from them about a short, free EP called Because Fuck You. According to their Soundcloud, they "hacked up producer illimind's comp." They almost come off like the Internet faction Anonymous, but for beats. Yet, these beats are straight bangers. Plus, their email's are always entertaining when they submit: 

"Ey it's been a minute but we been busy doin what we do. Got a new mixtape for ya. There's a story behind it. Stole files from a producer's computer, did way too many drugs to make these beats, all recorded on a real as fuck tape deck. But I won't bore you. just fuckin bang your head to the drums."



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