Artists That Would Be Fun To Party With

I was sitting around the other day brainstorming some ideas for a new post and one thing that came to mind was about artists I'd love to party with. Maybe it is based on the style of music, maybe it's because you've seen a live show, or it could even be their personalities in interviews that you can tell going to a party with this person would be a damn good time. After realizing that I thought this would be an interesting post, I had a flood of names come to mind. This of course is mostly opinion based and I'm sure there are a ton more artists I missed that if someone said it, I'd be like hell yeah I'd party with them. I did not include bands or duo's in this, just individual artists because this list would just get crazy at that point. So check out some artists I'd love to party with below. Also, make sure to tell us who you would love to rage with in the comments below.

Andrew W.K.
I think this is given for anyone's party list because the guy not only had a 2001 hit song called "Party Hard," but he always seem like that happy guy ready to just have some serious fun. Yet, as soon as you hear that song you know this is a guy you'd want to throw a major house party with and do some crazy shit with. With his signature tee, jeans, and long hair he is also mostly likely the guy that shows up to a party and things get 10x more reckless.

Tyler, The Creator
Now, from what I know Tyler isn't into drinking or drugs, which is a solid choice and a respectable one as well but this also does not eliminate him from someone I'd want to party with. I mean, have you seen the antics that he pulls with his Odd Future crew? He's the type that would get your drunk friends to do some dumb and funny things, even partaking in a lot of stuff himself, all the while being sober. Solid. Let this video of some his funny moments explain why I'd want to have him at a party.

The Toronto rapper/crooner is on the list because he loves women and they love him. Dim down the lights and put on some Drizzy, then just watch as all the women melt with happiness. I'd no doubt want him at my party, plus I think a majority of us have seen him drop stacks at fancy strip clubs. Enough said.

Danny Brown
We all need that lighthearted and goofy guy at a party, so cue in Danny Brown. Every time I watch an interview or catch some of his backstage videos, I want to party with him. He is absolutely hilarious, but knows how to throw down some good times. He'd be the guy you'd see at a party and think is weird based on his style, but then when you meet him and get to know him, you realize how fucking cool he is.

Snoop Lion
Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion is the essential mellow guy at any party. He just is looking for a cool chill time and keeps all the drama away. Granted, he smokes a lot of pot, but so what? It's Snoop. He is an OG and if shit goes down, you know he can calm the situation down and bring everyone together to have a good time. Plus, this Vice video of him talking about a party he attended is too good.

Action Bronson
Former chef turned rap connoisseur, Action Bronson would be that funny guy every party needs. Of course he would be doing this with a fat blunt the entire night, but every time I see Bronson in an interview I just want to hang with the dude. Hell, he'd probably bust out some rhymes throughout the night, which would be solid. I thinking something similar to this Princeton performance would be dope.

I do not think anyone would turned down a chance to party with RiRi, as she is not only one of the biggest entertainers in the world, but brings the sexiness. While she has the sweet and innocent side, we all know she can get dirty and keep up with the boys. Just leave Chris Brown at home, we don't need bottles flying around or walls being punched. Thanks babe.

Everything about Diplo when it comes to having a good time, he does right. He is the hype-man to any essential party, where he'll go from jumping around to getting girls to twerk it all night. No party would be complete with out him. If you watch any of his live footage, you know the madness he could bring and for some reason I could see a Project X type party happening.


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