C2C - "Down the Road"

As I was driving home yesterday, a song came on the radio called "Down the Road" by 4 French DJ's that went by C2C. I was drawn in instantly by the blend of electronic, hip hop, blues, and turntablism and had no idea where the hell this song came from. After some research, I found this song came out last year and on Youtube it had over 10 million plays! Like, what? How did I ever miss this in my music discoveries? Well, I did, but it's only fitting we give them some shine. The quartet ranked #1 in the DMC World Competition four times in a row (2003-2006) and since 2011 reunited together to create their first record, Tetra, released in 2012. I could not get enough of "Down the Road" and thought the genre-bending styles flowed together and were quite unique. Some of you reading this are probably wondering where the hell have I been on this, but remember I've only begun to truly appreciate electronic music more. So for those of you that know this song, enjoy it again, and for those who are new to it, be prepared to love it.



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