Future - "No Love" (Prod. DJ Spin & Dun Deal)

Listen to "No Love" by Future

Surprised to see the auto-tuned crooner/rapper on here? Me too. But you know what, while Future might not have the best lyricism, the ATL native makes some damn catchy tracks. Think back to 2012 and into this year about all the hot hip hop jams, there is at least 1 or 2 on your list that Future is a part of. Poor T-Pain must be wondering what the fuck happened to his career, because Future took control. His new song "No Love" was produced by DJ Spinz and Dun Deal and it will be on the upcoming mixtape HPG 2.  I wasn't sure about this track at first either, but give it a couple spins and you'll most likely get into it like I did.



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