Hip Hop Artists That Should Have Major Recognition in 2013

Over the last few months, some of my favorite hip hop music has come from artists that really deserve so much more attention than they have currently received. It's true that some of these have a bit more shine and are on the verge of blowing up right now, but some have been grinding for far too long and should have the attention on them. Some of these entries are also artists, who for some reason, are going under the radar and I'd like to see that change.

Now, there are tons of artists that I'm sure I missed and would loved to include, but these are off the top of my head. I feel (and hope) that in 2013 most of these dudes will be major hits -- it'd be great if they all could, but I know that just isn't going to happen unfortunately. Again realize it's impossible for me to find and discover everyone that should be included, so don't be offended or start arguing in the comments of so and so not being included. So below I present some rappers that should have major recognition this year, you'll probably recognize some and others may be new to you. I had to cut the list down as well because artists like Hoodie Allen, G-Eazy, etc. are getting some ridiculous notoriety right now and I've already considered them to have received respect in 2012 and into this year. Shout out to those guys, the future is only looking better for them as well.

This Cali rapper has been a more recent up-comer to the game, but he has been working closely with Pharrell so you know the kid has talent. He hasn't released a full body of work yet, but the few tracks he has put out people are certainly noticing. If he can release a full album or mixtape this year, I think the potential for him get major daps is very possible.

This ATL rapper has been in the game for a bit as well, and while he keeps delivering bangers and solid tunes, he never took off. People really sleep on this emcee, but I still have hopes people will recognize the good music he makes.

King Chip formally Chip Tha Ripper:
The Cleveland native and Kid Cudi collaborator has been releasing some of the best mixtapes to date and while those tend to be very popular, I know many hip hop kids who do not know about him. Since changing his name to King Chip, I'm hoping this revamps his image and the music reaches more masses.

Chance The Rapper:
It's funny as I was thinking about Chicago's Chance the Rapper a week or two ago about how more people need to get on this dude's music, but he is certainly catching on now. I think he is at the top of the one's to reach some serious attention this year, considering the song "Acid Rain" is about to hit 100k plays.

Luke Christopher:
One of the youngest I mentioned here besides Buddy, the LA native produces and raps with a sick flow. He sort of combines what makes the conscious and underground rappers respected, but has the mainstream appeal as well. I wasn't sure if 2013 would be his year, but in due time this kid will be a star. I have some hopes he'll get poppin' later this year.

The New York emcee sort of reminds me of an East Coast Blu, but still has his own style. It's also no surprise that he works with Blu as well, but I know a lot of people are missing out on ANTHM, because I only found out about him through another blog. I hope more bloggers give him some spots in their daily posts because he has serious talent.

Beau Young Prince:
One of the best reppin' the DMV area, Beau Young Prince is one the rappers not afraid to experiment with his sound and use interesting samples. He's been consistently growing and expanding as an artist. You can see things improving not only with his music, but his following. BYP is a rapper who mixes it up and has true versatility.

One of the most consistent emcee's who hails from Connecticut is another one who makes bangers and inspirational tunes with a serious message, but get's overlooked by major sources. Oh sure, he's making some noise and gets some serious Soundcloud plays. I can't tell you though how many people I introduced him to and they are blown away that they never heard of him. It shocks me too. Let's get Cuey to the top.

Azad Right:
I was introduced to Azad when he reached out via email over a year ago and since then his rap game has been getting noticed. He brings a different flavor to his music and has been flowing over all sorts of beats. He also has a great mainstream vibe, but still keeps the lyrics better than the typical club bullshit. Watch out for this LA resident to take over.

Joe Cool:
One of the chillest rap names, comes the Louisiana rapper/producer who in 2012 was starting to get some nods from not only some big rap game blogs, but MTV. Yet, the young gun is hungry and 2013 is the time for him to get everyone bumpin' his music.

Skizzy Mars:
New York rapper Skizzy hops on some of the best beats with some wild samples, which has led to some serious plays on Youtube and Soundcloud. Yet, no one seems to give him the true props he deserves in the music industry besides the bloggers. I feel like he is so close for others to rock his shit, but it hasn't hit that peak yet. He's been touring with G-Eazy, which I think is the perfect opportunity.

K. Sparks:
Repping Queens is a emcee with a more conscious flow and underground vibes, yet he spits with some serious intensity. Sparks has been a recent discovery for me, but I've really been enjoying his latest cuts. This was one I was not sure to include for 2013, because I think his hustle is really just starting out but to me it doesn't really mean anything as it takes just a few people to notice for things to jump off. Hoping to see this guy on more rap fans radars.

Alexander Spit:
There is something about this LA resident's trippy sound and laid back style, yet he brings the lyrics too. He also produces a lot of dope music, not only for his own material, but singers like Bago (look out for her too). Spit has been grinding and its starting to pay off, especially in the last few months with Complex and Carson Daly recognizing him.

Cam Meekins:
The first time I stumbled up on this Boston rapper, I wrote him off as a "frat rapper," which was a big mistake because the kid is dope. I have a feeling a lot of people think that, but after I heard "Rain" I realized how much there is to this kid. He hasn't been pushing as much music lately, but I think and hoping that means he is working on new stuff for 2013.


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