R&B Artists That Should Have Major Recognition in 2013

The other week I decided to post about hip hop artists that deserve major recognition in 2013, and this week I wanted to put the spotlight on R&B artists who also deserve serious props. This is a genre that, while I respected it, was never a big listener until I started this blog in 2010. Mostly because I wasn't that excited about the mainstream R&B I would listen to on the radio (my first mistake), but the site opened a whole new world of the genre. It also helped that at the time and in 2011, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and How To Dress Well were opening doors for new and different sounds to the genre. Below are artists we have shared before, but I feel deserve to hit it big this year. Some of these artists might, but others realistically probably will not until the year after or maybe even later. Even so, I know that all these artists will make it big. Also, as with the hip hop artist post, some of these do have some popularity but I just feel they are way more talented than the credit they have so far. Check them out below.

Jhene Aiko
This Los Angeles native has been singing for quite some time, and while she has been featured on here as much as deserves, I've been quite the fan. She has the look, sound, and vocals to make it big and now that she is signed to Def Jam and has her debut album scheduled for this year, I hope she gets all the love from R&B fans.

Austin Brown
One artist out of this list that truly amazes me as to how he has not taken over the R&B world, is this talent here. He is the nephew of Michael Jackson, who's vocals are similar to his late uncle. Yet, he can hold is own and is building his resume without the Jackson name. This kid deserved to blow up long ago, but with his 2012 mixtape release of Highway 85, we know this is only the beginning for him.

This Los Angeles singer started getting major notice last year with her mixtape release Sundays Best, when she teamed up with Alexander Spit. She has some soulful crooning over haunting and powerful beats. I was hoping the tape would blow her up to new levels and while it certainly got major music players talking, it sort of quieted down. Do not sleep on this singer, she's got the talents to make it far.

This Canadian R&B artist was a more recent submission to us a few weeks back and I really enjoyed the single they sent over. After researching a bit, I've learned that he has been making music for a few years, but things are now starting to look up for him. He might have one of the more accessible voices and style, being able to cross into the mainstream shouldn't be too hard once people recognize his music.

Hailing from London, this R&B is one of the newest artists to pop in the scene. He literally created his Facebook page this past January, but his music is reaching music outlets quickly. But with chill songs and crisp crooning, his music is bound to be popular. I was instantly attracted to the sound, and I was not alone. Although he is just getting his start, this is his year to build his credentials as people are watching.

This female artist is one of the latest to take on the hazy production styles similar to what The Weeknd helped put on the map, but she handles these beats perfectly. Her feminine vocals and lyric content brings tons of relaxing vibes that help you get lost in. Her buzz started building a few months ago, and I'm hoping she releases some more music very soon.

Steven A. Clark
Hailing from North Carolina is this singer/songwriter who mixes in a bit of pop and hip hop in his R&B jams. He started making some buzz in 2010, but has since continued to flourish with great music. He is one of the artists that truly fit into the whole "R&B Movement" that started with Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, it's only a matter of time when he fully breaks out in to stardom.

Vanessa Elisha
This artist might be one of the only ones I know that come from Australia and is making some hazy R&B music, but it is refreshing to hear it from a Country so far from everyone else. She only recently appeared on my radar and only has two tracks circulating right now, but they are already been well received. She has the look, the voice, the lyrics, and the right producer to push her into the scene.

Michael Francis
The New Jersey native was really getting a lot of attention in 2012 with his chill jams and some big sites/blogs were sharing his songs to their audiences. A few of his songs got some serious nice plays considering there was not much out there from him. Yet, that is the power of the Internet. Lately, he has been fairly quiet, but it seems like he will be releasing more great music soon.

Phlo Finister
Dark, chill, and hazy R&B is in and UK singer Phlo Finister has the sound down, and she proved that with the recent release of her debut Poster Girl EP from the other month. She can hit some high notes, but bring it down to a darker side and I could hear her fitting in perfectly with the other crew of the new R&B artist. Chill stuff.


Thanks for these! I've been looking for some solid R&B.

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