The Essential Slightly Stoopid Tunes

The Essential Slightly Stoopid Tunes

Since I discovered alternative/punk/reggae band Slightly Stoopid over 6 years ago, I've become one of their biggest fans. Sure, a lot of people can say that and I probably sound like a total groupie, but I literally have every one of their albums, except their debut. It's quite the collection of songs considering the band has been around since the mid-90's. I'm not going to dive into much about the band or really about their career because this is more about the great music they make. For all you Stoopid heads out there, most of these songs will already be in your collection, but for those looking to know some of their best tunes this is it. I wanted to give a variety that expands since their 1996 album to their current sound. Kick back, grab a brew or if you are at work let this reduce your 9-5 stress, because these are some of the essential Slightly Stoopid tunes. Also, if you are feeling these tunes below and want to purchase them, check out the band on iTunes.

"The Otherside" ft. Guru
This is off their 2007 album Chronchitis and was one of the more jazzy sounding joints. Yet, between their mellow grooves and Guru's (RIP) fresh flow, Slightly Stoopid proved they could make something different from anything they had previously done.

"This Joint"
If you know anything about most reggae bands, marijuana is a big part of the culture. Whether you smoke or not is your business, but it does not change the fact how good this track is. From the accents, the bass, and rapid lyric delivery the boys found the ultimate toker's anthem. This is off their 2005 record Closer to the Sun.

"Top of the World"
This was the latest single from their 2012 album of the same name, which was a long time coming from their 2007 record. This would introduce fans and new listeners alike to their first hint of new music, and might be one of their more accessible joints to date.

This was actually the first track I ever heard by the band when I was looking at related music to Sublime on iTunes, and instantly loved it. It's a fun party song about the cops busting up a good time. I know every Summer this is added to any playlist for the beach or pool parties.

"I'm So Stoned"
As I've said before, with most bands like this, getting high becomes a central theme. Now, I'm no pothead, but I just love the groove in these songs. This is actually off their first record, which had a lot more punk roots. This song actually reminds me more closely to something Sublime would make.

"Sweet Honey"
Another one of their more accessible jams, this one reminds me of good times with friends at the beach. Anytime winter or shitty weather hits me in Pennsylvania, this tune will get me out of any funk and help me dream of paradise. Plus, how can you not sing along to the "Sweet Honey"? It's also one of the tracks where both Miles and Kyle go back and forth on singing duties.

One of the jams of Chronchitis, featured a new array of instruments for the band including a harmonica that creates a whole new atmosphere. Then cue in the Saxophone and we have a brilliant tune to relax to. They jam out with no vocals until about the 1:46 minute too.

"Closer to the Sun"
One my personal favorites off the 2005 album of the same title, and possibly my all-time favorite Stoopid track as well. The intricate acoustic guitar playing is ridiculous and extremely catchy, plus with Kyle's excellent echoing crooning, it's one everyone needs in their collection.

"Wiseman" (Acoustic Roots Version)
Back in 2004, the band released an Acoustic Roots album, performing a stripped down record of previous tunes. I of course love the original of "Wiseman," but this has so much new emotion behind the lyrics and a rustic feel. This is actually almost a tie with the previous tune for my favorite Slightly Stoopid song.

"I Would Do For You"
One of the best bass lines to their songs, this comes off a 2008 record that featured outtakes, rarities, and brand new studio jams. Considering this really wasn't a brand new album, all the material was still more solid than most bands could dream of putting out.

"Wicked Rebel"
This is a more aggressive sound, but the accents and the instrumentation is addicting as hell. Even though it might not be one of my absolute favorite tracks, it ends up being played a lot when I listen to the band. This is on their 2003 album Everything You Need.

"No Cocaine"
Another track off that 2008 album of rarities and outtakes, it's sort of an anti-drug song. What I mean by that is it's basically their ode to only loving "Mary Jane." Yet, it's so groovy and the fact that at some parts his accent is so heavy, makes this such an entertaining listen.

"Collie Man"
Another song with some intricate acoustic guitar playing, but man does this give you some great vibes. It's also one of their shortest songs from the 2003 record, but sometimes short and sweet is for the best. This is one of their more popular songs from their collection as well among fans.

One of the songs that they incorporated much more instruments, this jazzy reggae anthem is for those cool nights around a bonfire just goofing off and living in the moment. I actually find this song to also be perfect to put some headphones on and just close your eyes to.


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