Unsigned Friday: Vintage Moon

For some reason today, I'm not really feeling like posting. Maybe it is laziness, maybe it's the lack of music out today, or a combo of both, but seeing it is Friday, this is a good time to get a bunch of Unsigned Friday posts out. First up on the agenda is a band by the name of Vintage Moon, let's learn a bit about them.

Who: Vintage Moon. We play kinda throw back lo-fi electro-synth pop that's moody but wouldn't be out of place in a John Hughes film. Someone said it sounded heroin-ishly 80s, but I don't know what the fuck that means.

Where: Silverlake, Los Angeles

When: We've been playing and recording since around November/December of 2012.

Why: I think my description on Soundcloud states this best: "Vintage Moon was started as a collection of material that would fit perfectly in the backdrop of your living room when you were a kid building a fort out of chairs and cushions when you were home alone."

Biggest Moment: Still working on this, but I was pretty stoked to hear a song I wrote on Sirius XMU on the "My Old Kentucky Blog" radio show. I recorded and played to Mom, who really couldn't care less.

Connect with Vintage Moon: Facebook | Twitter | Website


Love it :) Thanks so much for the introduction to this!

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