Video: Patrick Watson - "Blackwind"

I love Vimeo, simply because they always know how to find the best, classiest videos to highlight on their site. I enjoy going to the front page of Vimeo and checking the "Editor's Pick" videos now and again, because I'm always guaranteed to find something good there. Last night I found this lovely gem of a music video for the song "Blackwind" by Canadian singer-songwriter Patrick Watson. This is definitely one of the better music videos I've seen in awhile. To me, what makes a music video excellent is when, after watching it, the song seems incomplete without it. That is absolutely the case with this gorgeous video by Seoul, South Korea-based director dee shin. I'm no film critic, but, to me, shin seems to have an eye for the perfect shot in every scene. I also love her use of modernist design and fashion.

 The video and the song really do complete each other. The song, like the video, is rife with shimmering detail. Patrick Watson has a mostly-falsetto singing voice that is really soft and expressive, and he's accompanied by beautiful, constantly changing instrumentation. Fittingly the video continues to change throughout, and so does the main character. Even the pastel color scheme of the video seems perfect for this song. What it all means, I'm not sure yet, and I probably never will be. But, one things for certain, I'll be revisiting this video many times because it is a pleasure to get lost in. Watch it below.



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