Deerhunter - "Monomania" + Watch the band perform it on Jimmy Fallon

Deerhunter is one band I always pay attention to. When I see they have a new song out, I buckle my metaphorical seatbelt, put all my expectations aside, and brace for something crazy, experimental, beautiful, or ugly, and almost always excellent. This latest song, the title track from their upcoming album Monomania, definitely leans more towards the crazy descriptor and it's definitely pretty damn ugly, but in a beautiful way. It's an all-out punk-noise onslaught that is still somehow rooted in catchy pop rock. As the song progresses, it  gets increasingly crazy, heavy and dirty sounding until it sounds like it's exploding and falling apart all over the place. It ends with a very clever use of a field recording. Listen to the album version of the song and watch the band perform it on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon--with a surprise ending!-- below.




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