Farewell Republic - Young Effete Titans of Industry (Album Download)

We've been following and excited about the second record from Brooklyn indie band Farewell Republic called Young Effete Titans of Industry. Since 2013 rolled in, we shared some tracks from the LP, but today the guys released the album for free. You'll get 8 total tracks and while that may seem short for a record, remember these guys are not asking for anything for the project (you can though if you'd like) that I'm sure they put a lot of work into. This is a record I'll be listening to all day. Stream and download below.



Friday, September 7th, at 7:00 PM ... and we would love to have your help!
We have our things in storage in North Alton
and it will take us about three trips to do the move. We will meet at 104 Webster St.
in Kentville at 7:00. As a reward for your awesome
help, you will get to see the new office space before anyone
else does! Also: We Need Furniture! Our old wicker chairs and couches are falling apart and are now unsafe.

If you have nice black or dark brown chairs or couches or end tables or coffee tables, or funds to help us purchase these please contact Bill.

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