Manny G! - "The High Road"

You'll remember back in December we sponsored the debut mixtape by the up-and-coming rapper Manny G! - Expect The Unexpected. On his first mixtape, Manny showed that he had plenty of talent, producing and mastering the whole thing himself and making some really tight songs. I wouldn't say that the mixtape was quite ready to compete with Kanye or anything, but it was definitely a solid, fun listen from beginning to end. It was also catchy as hell. Anything that Manny lacked in his first release he made up for in passion. You could hear it in the lyrics of every song and even in his voice. This dude wants it. He wants to make it to the big-time. He wants to be you're favorite artist.

He sent this song to me the other day, It's called "The High Road" in "the 4/20 spirit," he said haha. I was actually blown away by this song when I first heard it. Manny has progressed a lot in four months. The song has an excellent beat and lyrically it's a huge leap for him. And that passion is back, and stronger than ever. I'm telling y'all, keep your eye on Manny G, he's going places... and taking "the high road." Listen below and enjoy your 4/20. :)



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