Artist: Issues

While most of the music I post on here might fit into the indie, hip hop, or electronic genres I have always had a spot in my playlists for post-hardcore, rock, metalcore, etc. You might of known that by some of my random posts of bands like Alexisonfire, Converge, and others. Today I decided to do a band profile one Issues, who have grabbed my attention since I was first introduced via a friend.

So who are Issues? The band is based in Atlanta and was formed by former Woe Is Me members Tyler Carter, Michael Bohn, Cory Ferris and Ben Ferris, with the brothers leaving not long after. Yet, not long after these guys got together and were starting to gain some attention, they released a Justin Bieber cover of "Boyfriend," which became a hit. It also gave the track some serious balls. From there songs, "King of Amarillo" and "Princeton Ave" took off even further. Now, the band (with complete lineup) is preparing to release their debut album via Rise Records.

After a few months of releasing music (Black Diamonds EP), the band recently released their new single "Hooligans" along with a video. The song has a weird nu-metal blend in it, but it's unique and catchy all at the same time. It's something that drew me to this band as they are not afraid to add different elements into their sound to stand out among the thousands of bands making similar music. Granted, I know many of you reading this might not be into this scene of music, but I'm open to all sorts of music and thought you might take interest in this. Be on the lookout for their debut coming soon and check out some videos below.



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