As I Am - Interlude EP

Hey! Long time no see Oh So Fresh! I'm back to do a post and hype a fresh release from the anonymous, experimental artist As I Am. I've been very busy lately and I've had to prioritize my time and energy, and focus on things that are more important to me than writing about music. I hoping in the near future I can be more involved in OSFM again though.

For now, I want you to check out this new EP from As I Am. The enigmatic artist released the Interlude EP back in June as something to hold over his listeners until his debut album, Simplicity is completed. But, according to the artist himself, this EP is more than just an interim release between his debut EP Progress and the album Simplicity. These tracks are three powerful, evocative instrumentals that are meant for each other and together they make this album a meditative journey. This EP will be the last instrumental release from As I Am before he starts having a more vocal presence in his songs. We can also expect Simplicity to be released sometime in August. Read about all of this and more at As I Am's personal website Listen to Interlude below and buy it to support this hardworking artist!

Connect with As I Am: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter



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