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Sol - "Tomorrow" featuring Shayhan

Seattle native an emcee Sol will be releasing a new EP called Eyes Open on September 10th and in lieu of that he released a new track "Tomorrow." This one features Shayhan on the hook and produced by Elan Wright and The Zillas, who he has worked with before. This is the kind of hip hop we need right now, stream below.


Big Sean - "Beware" (Moxie Cover)

Female singer Moxie is a name to remember and if you need to know why just listen to her version of Big Sean's "Beware." The song already had a catchy vibe and Moxie added her own flare to it, transferring the hip hop song into an R&B flavor with an acoustic touch. It's much more relaxed than the original as well, but this provides the focus to be on her solid vocal work. Stream below.


Avicii - "You Make Me" ft. Salem Al Fakir

Pete Tong premiered "You Make Me" on BBC Radio 1 back in the beginning of August.  Thankfully, yesterday Avicii released the radio edit of his second single off his debut album TRUE.  The track features high note vocals from Swedish soul/pop singer Salem Al Fakir synced with the irresistible sounds of Avicii to start the Labor Day weekend off right! Pre-order Avicii's debut album TRUE exclusively at iTunes.  Stream below and download here.


Daft Punk - "Get Lucky" (Three Moons Cover)

It's pretty safe to say that Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" was the biggest track of the Summer and had tons of remixes and covers of it already. Yet, one of the few covers I'm really feeling is the recent upload from Three Moons, who gave this an upbeat and laid back feel. For those of you unfamiliar, the band is the project of three dudes who had previous music ventures (One of which was on American Idol) and their original tunes are a mix of electro/pop. 

Stream their cover below, which ventures more to an acoustic/jam vibe and make sure to check out their original material as well.


JMSN - Love & Pain (EP Stream)

The new Love & Pain EP from singer/producer JMSN is a collection of remixes from the 2013 single of the same name. It's a mix of some of the best producers that I think are personally out and you can hear sonically how good they all are. You have remixes from Ta-Ku, Sango, Kaytranada, and more. The original already boasts emotion and a hell of a sound, but then add in new electronic and sounds from different producers and you got yourself some great tunes. Stream below and if you are digging it, make sure to hit up iTunes to snag it.


MØ featuring Diplo – "XXX 88"

We haven't heard much lately from singer (except something back in May), but we got a nice surprise with a new song called "XXX 88" featuring Diplo. This track will appear on a new EP that the Denmark native will be releasing soon. The song is a unique pop sound, but you know that having Diplo's input will make any song much more original. Check the single out below, which has an official release of October 20th.


Made in America Preview - What to Expect, Artist Picks, and Tips

The time has come for the second rendition of Budweiser's Made in America Music Festival. By the way, if you're going, get used to see "Budweiser" everywhere. The commercialism here is insane. But if you can get past it, you're sure to have a good time.

Let's get right into it.

1. Heat & Rain.
2. Massive Crowds (approx. 80,000 people)
3. Commercialism (Duracell, Bud, and others will be everywhere. Try to ignore it)
4. Overpriced food and beverages.
5. In spite of that, an overall positive crowd overall and great live music.

Here are my picks for acts I'm very excited to see for the first time (Yes, there are conflicts. No, I don't as of yet know how I'm going to handle them):
1. Deadmau5 (Saturday 9:30-10:30 Liberty Stage)
2. Phoenix (Saturday 8:30-9:30 Rocky Stage)
3. Imagine Dragons (Saturday 6:30-7:30 Rocky Stage)
4. A$AP Rocky (Saturday 3:15-4 Rocky Stage)
5. Beyonce (Saturday 10:30-midnight Rocky Stage)
6. Porter Robinson (Saturday 7-8:15 Freedom Stage)
7. GTA (Sunday 5:30-6:30 Freedom Stage)
8. Emile Sande (Saturday 4-4:45 Liberty Stage)
9. Wolfgang Gartner (Saturday 8:15-9:30 Freedom Stage)
10. Gaslight Anthem (Sunday 3-3:45 Rocky Stage)

*Note - Calvin Harris & Kendrick Lamar have proven themselves to me already. Go see them. I'm skeptical of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, but happy to give them a shot, and Wiz Khalifa disappointed me once before in Camden in 2011, but who knows. Maybe he's changed.

Are you tired of seeing "music festival tips and tricks?" Yeah, me too, because they're all generic and obvious. But here's a quick and dirty list, specific to MiA Fest.

1. Take Septa. Seriously. I know this may seem like a no brainer, to some, but it's a no way for others. Honestly, why would you bother driving? If you do drive, drive to a random neighborhood on the outskirts, and take the train or subway to Suburban Station. It just makes sense. You won't get grumpy trying to find parking, you won't pay an arm and a leg for parking, and you boost city revenue, not just some dude who is collecting $30 to park for the day in his unmonitored lot.

2. Camelbak. There's free water. Take a Camelbak, or a generic version. Don't make a rookie mistake.(PS, pack it with small snacks to sneak in with. It's a long day and food is expensive)

3. Towel. To sit on, wipe off sweat, protect from sun, any or all of the above. Not a big ass beach towel; think hotel towel. Something cheap you can throw over your shoulders and you don't mind getting ruined.

4. Go see a band you've never heard of. Or two. They may surprise you. I've found some of my favorite bands by seeing them live even though I had no previous knowledge of them.

5. Use port-o-pottys that are in the shade. Think about it... got it? Okay good. Let's continue.

6. Don't expect greatness from hip hop acts. I love hip hop. But it's hard for a rapper to put on a good live performance. That having been said, Jay-Z and Run DMC were amazing last year. But other than that... eh. From experience, go see Kendrick Lamar. He's the real deal. But I cannot vouch for the likes of 2 Chainz, or A$AP Rocky. I'll check them out, and you should too, but don't get your hopes up to be wowed.

7. America. Wear something that's goofy and American. Why not? It's an American holiday weekend. It's the Made in America festival. Let's celebrate.

8. Get there early. Don't be a Miami Heat fan and just come while the action is already going. This isn't a popularity contest where you get cool points for showing up late. Get there around 2, check out the likes of HAIM and Walk The Moon, and some little guys. It'll be the closest to the stage you get all day.

9. Pace yourself. Since you've taken my advice and gotten there early (right?) you definitely want to take some breaks throughout the day. There are picnic tables and plenty of trees with shade. Chill out for a while. If there's not someone you're dying to see, have a seat by a tree close to the stage. You'll still be able to hear them but you'll give your legs a break. (Can you tell this wasn't written by or for an 18 year old, yet?)

10. Be responsible. For yourself and your friends. No one likes that guy. Wear a smile, pass it on, do good, help strangers. Seriously.

The Underachievers - The Lords of Flatbush (Mixtape)

The hip hop duo The Underachievers have been releasing a few tunes here and there from The Lords of Flatbush mixtape, but yesterday the dropped the full project. This follows the success of their last project Indigoism, and this tape should keep people buzzing about the pair. Something that a lot of these upcoming rappers are lacking is the hunger to push hard and try something different, but The Underachievers are grinding and you can hear that on this release. I do wish there was more tracks on this, but I'm sure we will get even more tunes soon. Stream and download below.


Drake featuring Sampha - "The Motion" (Sango Remix)

Just like remixes of Lana Del Rey, producers and DJ's gravitate towards Drakes music just as much. The latest remix of "The Motion" is by Sango who creates straight bangers and does not disappoint on this one. He keeps Drizzy's vocals but adds some unique instrumentation that give the original track a run for its money. Stream and download below.


Northeast Party House - "Youth Allowance"

Northeast Party House are a Melbourne-based party band who make what I'd describe as dance rock with tinges of British indie rock (Bloc Party and Foals come to mind). They've released an EP and a few singles over the last two years, but the song below is the first official track from their debut album, which is planned for next Spring. Trust me when I say that dance-punk inspired "Youth Allowance" is good enough to hold you over till then. Enjoy!


Ta-Ku - "We Were In Love"

Australian native Ta-Ku has been on point with his experimental and electronic sound, especially on the latest song called "We Were In Love." Honestly. everything this guy does musically is on point and I can't remember a tune or remix that I did not enjoy. If you enjoy this melodic and atmospheric joint, then make sure you stay tuned for his upcoming Songs To Break Up To which is sure to satisfy your ears.


Lana Del Rey - "Young & Beautiful" (PatrickReza Remix)

It should come as no surprise with the amount of remixes for Lana Del Rey tunes as producers just gravitate towards her sound. The latest is from DJ/producer PatrickReza of Del Rey's popular and more recent song "Young & Beautiful." On this one he takes a much more chill electronic/dubstep vibe to it, which with her vocals is an incredible sound. It's not overly aggressive, but it is produced to perfection. Stream and download below.


Pusha T featuring Chris Brown - "Sweet Serenade" (Prod. Swizz Beatz)

Pusha T released a new song a few hours ago called "Sweet Serenade," which features Chris Brown on the hook. We find the two pretty damn comfortable on this solid Swizz Beatz produced track and it's a refreshing sound. Currently, Pusha is one of my favorite emcee's in the game and the anticipation for his album My Name Is My Name is growing. Yet, we will have to wait a bit long as the album arrives in stores on October 8. Stream the cut below.


Radical Something - "Spraypaint" (Viceroy Remix)

While Summer 2013 is quickly winding down, Radical Something's "Spraypaint" got a new remix from Viceroy that keeps the partying rocking. Now if you already know about the California trio, you know they make some feel good Summer anthems. Yet, when you add in Viceroy's unique touch, you get some new spice to the jam. Good vibes all around in this one, so make sure you download this one ASAP.


The White Panda - "Animals" Ft. Kendrick Lamar (White Panda Bootleg)

Like mash-ups? What about mash-ups of remixes? Mash on mash on mash? Well, just released today from our friends at The White Panda, a mix they've been dropping at a few live shows recently. They were kind enough to drop it on the masses, included download availability. The track features two of the hottest hip hop and club records of the last six months, so you'll probably want to turn that sub up.

Connect with The White Panda: Twitter | Facebook | Web


Big K.R.I.T. Featuring Future - "Just Last Week"

The Mississippi rapper/emcee Big K.R.I.T. returned with a track assisted by Future called "Just Last Week." The combination of that rapid Southern flow over a fresh beat and the crooning of Future finds the pair in a comfortable place. They work well together and its evident as you listen to this track. You'll also find this song on K.R.I.T.'s upcoming album.


Video: Danny Brown - "ODB"

Danny Brown's much anticipated album OLD will be out September 30th, but until then he supplied fans with a new music video for the track "ODB." This song was produced by Paul White and the video was directed by RUFFMERCY. As you watch this video, you'll see the look and feel is exactly on point for not only the song, but for Danny Brown's eccentric style.


The 1975- "The 1975"

Ever since the English natives The 1975 debuted their catchy indie-rock, I find myself becoming a bigger fan with each new release. The latest song appropriately titled "The 1975" is the title track off their upcoming debut record, which is out next week. This record is a long time coming and I'm expecting it to be a fantastic debut. For now, stream this track below.


Party Supplies - Tough Love (Album Stream)

After giving us numerous tracks and good tunes the Brooklyn duo Party Supplies delivers their debut album Tough Love for streaming. The record is being released through Fool's Gold, which always deliver a great roster of artists. The pair deliver nine tracks and a half hour worth of good music to get the blood pumping and your feet moving. Stream below.


Video: CVIRO - "187"

Australian crooner CVIRO is on a mission to create genuine and creative R&B music, which so far he has been successful. He returns this week with another black and white video but this time for the song "187." On this track, the alluring beat matches the seductive vocals and once you start to watch the visual, you won't want to look away. This will be on his debut EP Elevation, which will be available in September.


Drake - "Say Something" (Stwo Remix)

For some reason, Drake songs are just fun to remix but they also work really well. The latest is from Parisian producer Stwo who has a knack for the chillwave movement in his music. He took on Drake's "Say Something" and managed to make the track a smooth banger, slowing it down and relaxing the tempo. Yet, with Drizzy's flow the experimental chillwave beat works just fine. Stream and download below.


Eminem - "Berzerk"

During the VMAs, viewers got a teaser of Eminem's new song "Berzerk," which will be on his upcoming eighth studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. The track was produced by the legendary Rick Rubin, so you know you are in for a serious treat. We find Eminem letting loose on a Billy Squire sampled track with an energetic sound. Stream the new cut below and let us know what you think.


Krewella - "We Go Down"

It's crazy to think just a year ago people barely knew who the trio Krewella even was and now they are on track to become the biggest electronic/pop/dance act in the world. A new track leaked today called "We Go Down" from their upcoming debut album Get Wet. It starts off pretty poppy, then quickly shifts into a mix of EDM and dubstep. I haven't really been a big fan of the womp womps of dubstep, but Krewella is smart and doesn't overdue it. Check out the track below.



Portugal. The Man featuring Danny Brown - "Evil Friends" (Jake One Remix)

Now this remix from producer Jake One of Portugal. The Man's "Evil Friends" came as a surprise, but a good one at that. How can the hip hop producer also make this better? Add some bars from Detroit's Danny Brown, who puts some flavor to this laid back remix. In light of the VMAs, there has been some good music out today and it's making the start of my week much better. Stream this cut below.


Gossling - "Never Expire" (Oliver Tank Remix)

It's been quite some time since I shared something from Australian musician Oliver Tank, but I decided to make sure I keep up with his Facebook and I'm glad I did. He posted a new remix that he did of fellow Australian native, Gossling's latest single "Never Expire." It's a brilliant blend of a few genres like electronic, ambient, pop, chillwave, and probably even more. Yet, just like the previous post of Mountain Range, this track is great for your Monday. Stream it below.


Brief Synopsis of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

If you were living under a rock or just do not care anymore, the MTV Video Music Awards were on last night. I watch them every year and once the ending credits pop up I question why I continue to watch it. I guess for me it's to get a good laugh and I also live tweet my thoughts on the show (not that anyone would really care), but I'm not sure if it is just me or if my music snobbery is growing, but the music represented and performances seem to get worse each year.

Before I get to that, can we talk about what the hell the presenters were wearing? Like, who looked at these wacky ass space outfits in the dressing room and said "Brilliant! Never looked better!" I mean of course some artists are going to dress in weird things to get people talking, but basically everyone was decorated for Halloween. Daft Punk were the only two that get a pass because they've always had that look and I'm pretty sure they had mics set up in their helmets and just talked shit on every one there. Can someone confirm?

So the night opened up with Lady Gaga, who started it out with her bizarre style, but honestly it was quite timid for her. Remember, she wore an outfit of meat before, so these outfit changes were not that big a deal. However, can we talk about her body!? She wore a seashell thong assemble to shut anyone up who were saying she was out of shape. It was all the talk on Twitter and had Kevin Hart yammering on about her "Yams." One thing I always give her credit for, is she can actually sing.

Really though, the whole night was about Justin Timberlake who had like a 16 minute performance of all his hits and then was awarded after for generally being a cool dude. He won some other awards as well.The guy has tremendous talent and put Robin Thicke's previous performance to shame. Hell, JT even pulled the other members of N'Sync on stage for a song, even though they seemed more like his back up dancers (as usual). Yet, lets rewind to Thicke's performance, which started off with Miley Cyrus. Sigh. I don't know where to begin with that girl, but the whole "I'm-not-Hannah-Montana-I'm-a-hoebag" look and act is getting really old. We get it Miley, you aren't 14 anymore. She made sure to stick her tongue out, grind, grab her crotch, and shock Will Smith's family (See below pic, hilarious). She also made sure to "twerk" all over Robin Thicke and make suggestive faces. Hey Billy Ray, your daughter isn't being sexy, she's acting like a porn star. After Thicke sang, 2 Chainz aka the janitor of rap and Kendrick Lamar came out to spit some bars.

One Direction won some award, which they can thank all their 15 year old fans who were the only ones who gave a shit to text and vote. Honestly, I've heard a few songs by them and the one that won for the Summer song I had never heard. All the other songs in that category deserved to win, but this is MTV, it doesn't make much sense anymore. Besides Timberlike, Bruno Mars sang pretty well and again, not my type of music but much respect to him. Then there is Kanye, who made his big return to performing. It was pretty cool the design and set up, as his shadow was seen against a woods backdrop, but for Kanye it was kind of weak. Drake also wasn't bad, he kept it pretty simple as it was just him up on stage doing his thing. Macklemore took a few awards, which is huge for independent artists and respect to him for that. He also performed, which wasn't bad either, but it wasn't anything that made me go "Wow." Then there was Katy Perry's mediocre new single and performance that ended the show and I will say, when muted, she is fun to watch.

Overall, the show was underwhelming and really shouldn't come as a shock at the value of music represented. There were plenty of noticeable absences this year, but it wouldn't of helped anything even if they were there. And something that I noticed, there were no acts that really played instruments, meaning rock or alt music. We Listen for You music blog had a comment about having a "real" music award show and suggested a publication step up. I couldn't agree more.

Mountain Range - "A Silence of Three Parts"

Well, after watching the disaster of an award show last night (VMAs for those of you who had no idea what I was talking about) I needed some good music to listen to on this Monday. That's where the chilled-out ambient electronic music from Mountain Range comes in. The song "A Silence of Three Parts" is calm and cool, but picks up a bit more as the song continues. This will be on the upcoming EP that is out September 3rd via Bad Panda Records.


A$AP Rocky - "Untitled" (Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack)

A few songs have now been released from the upcoming video game soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto V and the latest being A$AP Rocky's "Untitled" track. It's a short song just clocking in over 2 minutes, but it's got that A$AP feel everybody gravitated towards when he first popped up on the hip hop scene. I mean, it isn't an overly complicated track with crazy bars, but it's enjoyable nonetheless. Stream it below.


Bondax - "Giving It All" (French Kiwi Juice Remix)

As I've mentioned in a previous remix post of Bondax, people love that duo's sound and the other day they released another remix of "Giving It All" this one by Parisian producer French Kiwi Juice. First off that might be one of the greatest monikers to have and second, this remix is fucking incredible. He adds in this disco-dance beat and throws in some R&B elements that make this one hell of a good listen. I'd call this an appropriate tune for a Sunday afternoon.


Wiz Khalifa - "Look What I Got On"

Wiz Khalifa decided to release a new tune called "Look What I Got On" as a celebratory moment for his new sneaker line with Converse. This track will also be on his upcoming record Blacc Hollywood, but it finds Wiz comfortable on a fresh Stargate beat. I'm usually not to into his music, but occasionally he releases a tune I just dig. This would be one of them. Stream below.


Lorine Chia - "No New Friends" (Drake Cover)

Ohio native Lorine Chia released a mixtape earlier this year and released a cover tune, and now she returns with her rendition of "No New Friends," originally by Drake and DJ Khaled. Yet, this isn't just a typical cover of her singing over the same beat, on this one she had Nate Fox create a smooth beat for her crispy vocals to handle. This might end up on the re-issue of her mixtape, which is due later this year, but we'll see. Stream her cover below.'


Nine Inch Nails - "Find My Way"

The beginning of next month we will get the new record, Hesitation Marks, from Nine Inch Nails and another song has just been released called "Find My Way." It's a new vibe from everything they have released so far from this new record, but it's a refreshing sound and has me curious about this whole album. The laid back and atmospheric song, which was premiered on BBC Radio , will put you in a relaxed state of mind. Stream below.


Video: Fake Shark Real Zombie - "Girls" ft. Steve Bays

Fake Shark Real Zombie have made some slightly jarring yet amazing music over the last few years. Liar, their most recent album, sees them take a massive step toward making more listenable songs; stemming from either a desire to entertain larger crowds or possibly just the act of growing up musically. The new material is closer to the poppy vein of Hot Hot Heat than crazier contemporaries Mindless Self Indulgence, who seemed to be a bigger influence for FSRZ until now.

Speaking of Hot Hot Heat, Steve Bays himself guests on the song below, bringing with him a sense of melody and making the track the catchiest on the album. Still, it's by no means a diamond in the rough, and there's plenty to be found on the rest of the album. Give it a listen if you get a chance sometime...


Jon Waltz - "Somewhere Else"

There are a lot of rappers looking to make a name for themselves, but one young 18 year old emcee from Memphis by the name of Jon Waltz will start standing out above the rest. If you take some elements of Drake and trill sound of A$AP Rocky, you have what Waltz sort of has going for himself. His most recent song is called "Somewhere Else" with production from Nova and it finds the rapper flowing with ease. Do I think he is going to be huge right now? Not quite, but his future is certainly promising with songs like this. Stream below.


Major Lazer featuring Peaches & Timberlee – "Scare Me" (Blass Reggaeton Remix)

Probably the best way to start this Friday off is with some Major Lazer and a remix of "Scare Me" by Blass Reggaeton. A few days ago we got the entertaining video for this track featuring Terry Crews as Major, generally being a badass. The electro and bass heavy track hit a new level on this remix, with plenty more bass and reggaton elements that compliment the vocals perfectly. You can stream and download below.


American Authors Cover Lorde's "Royals"

As Lorde continues to take over radio stations worldwide with "Royals," the covers and remixes are starting to surface. One of my favorite versions I have heard so far is Brooklyn's American Authors version. It keeps the same flow as the original, but add in hand-claps, banjo, and a more folk sounding style. It's so good, that if the original did not exist you could really feel this as their song. Stream it below.


Sam Smith - "Nirvana"

Sam Smith has made some noise previously by collaborating with other artists, but now he begins his own solo journey. He has released a song previously off his upcoming EP, but now there is a new taste with a song called "Nirvana." It features his smooth vocals that teeter between soul, pop, and R&B, but it is completely chill. Stream below.


Death Grips - "Birds"

Death Grips has been a band that never does anything in the conventional route and has this "I do what I want" attitude, which has been a blessing and somewhat of a curse. It got them signed and plenty of attention in the music world, yet it also got them dropped from the label. Yet, this hasn't stopped them as a new album is in the works tentatively for 2014 and the first new song is called "Birds." Mixing in a dark and haunting atmosphere to their aggressive alt/hip hop is present in this song, but you should come to expect that.  Check out the new tune below.


Lemonade - "Skyballer"

The Brooklyn natives Lemonade have a new single for all to enjoy called "Skyballer." This new song has Summer written all over it, even if the season is quickly coming to an end. The collective created ab alternative blend with dance elements, which feels like the right kind of sound for a pool party. Not much was mentioned about this song or where it will end up, but I'm just happy to hear something new from them. Stream it below.


Bondax - "Giving It All" (Friend Within Remix)

Last month, Bondax premiered their new song "Giving It All" and now we have a new remix from Friend Within. Taking the already electronic, dance, and R&B fused jam, the producer transformed this into a Summer dance party. Adding intense piano riffs over a house beat, all while looping in vocals --it will get you moving along to the beat. You should probably turn your speakers up to this one and let loose.

Via Earmilk


Video: G-Eazy - "Been On"

The rapper and producer G-Eazy is back with a new song/video called "Been On" and your ears might explode in happiness. G has been creating momentum on his own path and over the past two years it has really worked, he's gone on major tours, selling out venues, and gaining new fans everyday. Style, flow, beats, and the ability to do something original is going to make G-Eazy a household name. Now, in the video. the black and white visual compliments the chill atmosphere as G casually smokes it up. Peep it below.


Chet Faker - "Melt" featuring Kilo Kish

Australian crooner Chet Faker is back with a song called "Melt" that features Kilo Kish and will be on his upcoming Sophomore record. The song continues to build until the vocals of Faker reach this intense level over a great beat. That's one thing that I get into with him, he has these chill but groovy beats that hook you in. Then you add those vocals and you have the complete package.

Anyway, the addition of Kilo Kish on this single tops this off in the right way and makes this song one of the best of the week. Stream below.


The Underachievers - "Leaving Scraps" (Prod. Lex Luger)

The Underachievers are back with a new song called "Leaving Scraps," which was produced by Lex Luger, a guy any hip hop head should be familiar with. Earlier in Summer there were some talks floating around that The Underachievers would release an EP this month featuring entire production from Lex, and that is true. The EP titled The Lords of Flatbush will be out August 29th and "Leaving Scraps" is the opening cut from the 8 song compilation. Stream it below.


Video: Radical Something - "Spraypaint"

Radical Something has been on a journey over the last two years forming a unique blend of pop and hip hop, which comes together in the brand new (third) single "Spraypaint." The trio has been hard at work over the last 15 months crafting their new album Ride It Out, which is now available to pre-order via iTunes. To celebrate the album and single, they released the official video which shows them jamming out and having a good time.


RAC - "Let Go" ft. Kele & MNDR

It's been over a month since RAC released his last original mix, but lucky for us, RAC teamed up with MNDR and Bloc Party's front-man Kele Okereke to create another feel-good electronic tune packed with funky bass lines and fresh, fun vocals to end the summer right.  "Let Go" is set to be a featured track on RAC's new EP Don't Talk To, which will be available for purchase on iTunes in early October. Stream below.


Curren$y - "Audio Dope 4" (Prod. Harry Fraud)

Curren$y has always been one of those rappers that just keeps the good tunes flowing and it helps that on "Audio Dope 4" he linked up with solid producer Harry Fraud. Together, theses two make quality hip hop and I think these guys need to get a whole collab tape in the works. Especially since this track is pretty short, clocking just under 2 minutes, so this will be a repeat friendly song. Stream and download below.


Cam Meekins - "Joe Flacco"

Since coming across the Boston rapper Cam Meekins over a year ago, I've been supporting and enjoying his tunes. Now. his latest "Joe Flacco" just proves to me why I have all along. The smooth joint was produced by Brandun Deshay, who's beat compliments that relaxed flow Meekins brings. It's been a pretty good Summer for Cam, who wrapped up a tour with Shwayze and will soon be releasing a new mixtape. Expect some big things from him in the coming months, but in the meantime, stream and download "Joe Flacco" below.


Seven Lions With Myon & Shane 54 - "Strangers" ft. Tove Lo

The collaboration between Seven Lions with Myon & Shane 54  has been a constant re-occurring track on their live sets all summer long. The track features a mixture of Myon & Shane 54's signature  trance sounds, soothing vocals from Swedish vocalist Tove Lo, and Seven Lion's classic heart-pounding big room bass.  "Strangers" is set to be released on The Immortal Instruments: City of Bones soundtrack later this month.  Stream below.


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