Video: Fake Shark Real Zombie - "Girls" ft. Steve Bays

Fake Shark Real Zombie have made some slightly jarring yet amazing music over the last few years. Liar, their most recent album, sees them take a massive step toward making more listenable songs; stemming from either a desire to entertain larger crowds or possibly just the act of growing up musically. The new material is closer to the poppy vein of Hot Hot Heat than crazier contemporaries Mindless Self Indulgence, who seemed to be a bigger influence for FSRZ until now.

Speaking of Hot Hot Heat, Steve Bays himself guests on the song below, bringing with him a sense of melody and making the track the catchiest on the album. Still, it's by no means a diamond in the rough, and there's plenty to be found on the rest of the album. Give it a listen if you get a chance sometime...



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