Unsigned Friday: J-Law

This is my first ever Unsigned Friday post, so I thought I would take the time and give a shout-out to a fellow Bethlehem resident and up-and-coming rap artist, J-Law.  You can learn about him briefly below and don't forget to stream and download his latest track "Two Paths."

Who: J-Law, a 21 year old rap artist/spoken word poet.

Where: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

When: J-Law started rapping in 2010, and has been refining his skills and talent ever since.  He released his first mixtape Law School in 2010, and his most recent installment Lawston EP came out this past July on Datpiff.com

Why: J-Law believes that poetry and rap music intertwine.  It is his goal, along with his producer Dutchmoney, that they can bring about a new viewpoint and approach to Rap music, while still clinging to the importance of the Poet MC.  J-Law's verses and songs sculpt a picture of the disenchantment that comes with middle class living, along with the importance of living for experience, and overcoming obstacles.

Funny Moment: At an open mic this past summer, J-Law had a crowd of young spectators call out random words that he had to rhyme with.  This process went for about 20 minutes, with the spectators eventually running out of words to give to J-Law.

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