As I Am - 3 New "Simple Sunday Songs" (Download)

It's been awhile guys! I am now living in Austin, TX and officially in charge of marketing for the artist As I Am, through my new "company" The Truth Creative Agency, read more about that here. So I'm back to update you all on the progress of the music and catch you up on what's been going on in the world of As I Am. Last you heard, As I Am released an Interlude EP in between his debut EP, Progress, and his upcoming EP turned debut album, Simplicity. Now, I can finally announce that Simplicity will be out October 27!

What can you expect from As I Am's debut album? Well, since I've got the inside scoop I'll let you know. For one, you can expect better production than you've ever heard by As I Am so far. His production game is constantly increasing with each new song he releases and this album is no exception. You can also expect the seven best songs As I Am has ever done put together in an album that flows like a cinematic journey or a good novel. AND, you can expect vocals on every track! That's right!

Like As I Am said in his post about Interlude on his website, that EP was the last instrumental music he would do for awhile because of the overwhelmingly positive response to his song "No Limit" which featured his voice heavily.

Making good on that promise, he's not only doing vocals on every track of Simplicity, but he's also released two original tracks since stating that featuring his voice. As a promotion for the upcoming album, As I Am is releasing a new song every Sunday night in a series called "Simple Sunday Songs." He's done this for the last three weeks now, so you're kind of behind OSF, but don't worry, I'm here to catch you up :). These new songs have ranged from tracks that were recorded during the album sessions, but didn't make the final cut to an improvisational experiment to a powerful collaboration.

The latest track, "42", is a collaboration with the up and coming spoken word artist Antonia PerduAs I Am produced the track's beautiful, flowing instrumental and Perdu paints the ambient space with her transcendent words about "the answer to life, the universe, and everything."

The track from two weeks ago is called "You Are Enough" and is probably As I Am's best work yet, and it really says something about the quality of this album Simplicity that this song didn't make the cut. The song features excellent vocals and production from As I Am as well as mixing and mastering from UK production trio Four Floors Of Whores, who you may remember for their incredible remix of Tame Impala's "Be Above It" from last year. (Psst! They mixed and mastered every song on the album as well!)

The first Simple Sunday Song was "Serious Art Is Born From Serious Play", a very experimental track that was "born" from an improvisation on a marimba and then absolutely torn to shreds (in the best way possible) with manipulating production effects.

Listen to (and download!) all three Simple Sunday Songs below, and be on the lookout this coming Sunday evening for Simple Sunday Song #4!


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"You Are Enough"

"Serious Art Is Born From Serious Play"


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