As I Am - "Introduction" + Simplicity Teaser Video

This past Sunday, As I Am returned to releasing new material leading up to his debut album, Simplicity, due out November 17 (it was pushed back). He released not one, but two new pieces for me to show you! First, earlier in the day he released a mysterious teaser video announcing the album's release date and featuring about a minute of new music from the album. Then later he released the album opener, Simply titled "Introduction" on his soundcloud page (once again mixed and mastered by Four Floors Of Whores).

It was an exciting day for As I Am, his fans, and The Truth Creative Agency who is releasing the album and handling all the promotion and marketing of it. For about ten months we've been reading about this album being in the works without hearing a single sound from it, and in one day we've heard two new pieces from it. And this new music, as awesome as it is, only scratches the surface of the excellence of this album! Watch the teaser video and listen to "Introduction" below.



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