Download: As I Am - "I Know Places" (Lykke Li Cover) + Simple Sunday Songs 1-5

Missed you guys. Sorry I wasn't around last week to update you with As I Am's fifth Simple Sunday Song. So let me catch you up to speed. Simple Sunday Song #5 is a cover of Lykke Li's beautiful, haunting love song "I Know Places", and it's epic. As I Am produced the whole song himself using samples of the original with his own singing added, and then topped it all off with his own instrumental ending just as the original song ends with an instrumental finale. For this instrumental section he borrowed a beat from Austin, TX beatmaker O Maille, and added new parts to it. The whole piece comes together as an incredible cover that rivals the original.

There was no new Simple Sunday Song this past Sunday because As I Am is cooking up something special this week. Instead, he put all five of the Simple Sunday Songs into one EP for free download on his bandcamp. And this coming Sunday, he will unveil the first piece of music from his upcoming debut album, Simplicity... So get excited! Be sure to listen to the "I Know Places" cover and download the Simple Sunday Songs EP below.



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