Four Floors Of Whores - "Off The Record Volume #070" (Download)

Remember these guys? You've been hearing about them a lot lately from their work with As I Am on his debut album, Simplicity, and the Simple Sunday Songs series. But, do you remember this little gem of a remix from last year? Well, as I mentioned in my post about that remix of Tame Impala's "Be Above It", the song was just a sampler of a much longer mix that Four Floors Of Whores did for the Irish-based mix series Off The Record. Well, finally, just over a year later, I have the full mix for you! It's been in limbo with the people at Off The Record for awhile, but it finally arrived today.

I've honestly been itching to share this with OSF for a long time. Full disclosure: I know one of the members of 4FOW personally, and I've basically been jamming out to this mix for the last nine months. So I can tell you right now, this is an exceptional mix that is a unique work of its own. I haven't stopped listening to it after all this time and I still find new things to like about it. It's great for parties, working out, or just blasting in your car.

One Four Floors Of Whores member best described their mix, "Take 25 tracks from 5 decades of music - chop them up, stretch, extend, edit, re-pitch and put them back together in some kind of coherent order. Hopefully we managed it (I was going to write pulled it off but the 12 year old in me keeps sniggering)."

So without furth ado, Wild Dog, Hepatitis B, and Jake Bullet aka Four Floors Of Whores present "Off The Record Volume #070". Listen to and download the mix below.



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