Interview + New Song: Solidisco

I know another weekend has sadly come and gone, but boy do I have just the right medicine to cure those "Monday Morning Blues."  I present to you the fastest growing name in disco house music, Solidisco.  The Buffalo-based DJ duo is transforming the electronic world with their seamless blend of classic disco and modern house sounds.  Since they teamed up back in 2011, Solidisco has earned numerous Beatport chart positions and DJed alongside electronic heavyweights Diplo and Steve Aoki. Through their love of music and production wizardry, Solidisco has only one mission: to provide the people with a one-of-a-kind sound, that is sure to "FUNK" you up! Solidisco was kind enough to kick off their boogie-shoes and meet up with Oh So Fresh! Music for an interview.  Be sure to also check out their brand new remix of an Aurra classic, "Make Up Your Mind."

So when did you guys start producing together?
We started producing about two years ago.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences and why?
We love listening to all types of music.  I'd say we are mainly influenced by Daft Punk, Armand van Helden, and Junior Jack, but we also take a lot of style from the big room genre too, not so much the super recent stuff.

If you guys could pick any artist to perform with, who would pick?
Diplomats Reunion, obviously.  Cam'ron would work too.

What is Solidisco's most memorable live show/most embarrassing moment?
Our most memorable show has been in NYC at Webster Hall.  Can't say we had a really embarrassing moment yet, but we did throw some hotel items out of a penthouse window in Vancouver, after they threatened to throw us out for having an after-party in our room.

What do you think the future holds for the nu-disco/disco house genre?
It's come pretty darn far in a year, so there's no real saying how much further the genre will go. We've seen some mainstream crossover as well, so who knows!

What are Solidisco's plans/goals for the future?
Eating tacos and making dope records! We want to explore our sound more and always try to push our sound further.

When picking samples, what do you guys look for in a particular song?
We always look for something rare and unknown and even use a weird part of the song people would never even think of using.  You know it when you hear it though, and if something jumps out of the record, then we try to flip it.

Will we see Solidisco performing in the East Coast area anytime soon?
We're coming to NYC at Cielo on Tuesday, November 15th, which we are SUPER excited about! Our last show was at Webster Hall, and we both love Cielo so it's going to be amazing.

Tell us a little bit about your "Hustle Radio" podcast for the readers who aren't familiar to it.
We do a monthly DJ mix podcast with all of the latest disco house and nu-disco songs we're feeling, including some classics and exclusives.

When can we expect the release of the next "Hustle Radio" episode?
We always release the mix at the first Friday of the month.

Anything you want to say to the fans or new listeners to the nu-disco genre?
Thanks to everyone that supports us!  We appreciate each and everyone of you.  If you're new here, then welcome to the party!

The disco fiends are at it again with another funky jam that is sure to get you off your butt and out on the dance floor. In the second track off their upcoming Ultra EP, Solidisco display their versatility as producers with a remix of "Make Up Your Mind" by the classic Salsoul Records artists Aurra.  A gorgeous retro breakdown mixed with festival style knock, Solidisco prove once again they can fit into today's big room sound with a unique retro style. The track is currently available for purchase on Beatport.

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