#NP: Danny Brown - "Grown Up"

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Danny Brown recently released his debut album Old, but just over a year ago he released his most accessible tune called "Grown Up." While I think Brown is one of better rappers currently out, he has a style and vocal sound that not every hip hop fan might be able to connect with. Now, on his album Old, he certainly switched up the way he rapped slightly from his acclaimed mixtape XXX that got him all the attention. Yet, "Grown Up" was the first taste that indeed Brown could be more accessible to a bigger audience of hip hop fans, it also happens to be one of my personal favorite tracks.

Now, it's been a while since Dan or I wrote a now playing post, but since it is Sunday and a slower day for new music, I thought it'd be appropriate. So what makes Danny Brown's "Grown Up" so good? One of the first things that grabbed me was this old school beat, it's simple, yet the turntable scratches make me feel like its the 90's again. Then once Brown starts rapping, you feel this nostalgia change a bit as he reflects on growing up with a modern approach. This type of track is what makes hip hop great -- a solid beat choice, wordplay, and an actual message to the song.



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