Things Rappers Need to Stop Doing

It's been a while since I dabbled into the feature realm of this site, but decided it was time to re-emerge because you know you all miss it (Right??? No? Ah I know who actually reads these?). I've been thinking of topics to discuss or maybe just an observation when Things Rappers Need to Stop Doing sort of popped in my head. I like a mix of genres, but as you are probably are aware of, hip hop is a large portion of this blog. Over the last few years I've noticed things that a lot of rappers (mainstream and up comers mostly) that, well, they need to not do so much. These are some thoughts and while I'm not too aggravated that rappers do these things, I feel it's something they might want to consider not doing anymore. I'm sure there are more you guys might be able to think of, in which case please share in the comments below. Also note, this is more satire although these things do slightly bother me, so please don't get all salty on me for this post.

No more "$" in Your Rap Moniker
Yes, unique rap moniker$ are all the rage and have been getting more creative and a bit more out there, but there i$ one a$pect of rap name$ that need$ to end. Now. Adding the "$" where there $hould be an "S" in your rap name. It wa$n't bad at fir$t when Ma$e did it and hell it $till wa$n't even that bad all the way up to the A$AP crew blowing up, but I feel like a lot of reader$ do not realize the amount of $ubmi$$ion$ from rapper$ I get that have dollar $ign$ everywhere. It give$ me a headache and the originality of that i$ completely done. Plea$e $top it.

Stop Incorporating Styles That Are Trending
You know you have your favorite gangsta rapper and then they drop what they claim is a new banger, but it turns out to be the equivalent of Biggie rhyming over 10 EDM tracks because that's what it is popular at the moment. I hate that. By all means experiment with sounds like Chiddy Bang has done recently or A$AP Rocky when he paired up with Skrillex, that's fine. The issue comes in when you are going with every new trend for each new song, album, etc, whatever it may be. While it might get you some attention, it's lame. Be original, it will get you a lot further in your career in the long run and not some trending following clown.

Having a Ridiculous Amount of Features On Your Albums
I bought your sweet new rap album because I dig your flow, topics, and beat choices not for the million features on each track or what big names you can get to boost your hip hop cred. Oh, I enjoy some good remixes or feature tracks, but it becomes excessive when Drake featuring Game, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Trinidad James, Jeezy, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Eminem produced by Mike Will Made It, Hit-Boy, 40, & Mike Posner. I think you see my point there. Save that for the mixtape game, it's a free record and it makes more sense. I'm trying to see what the track is on my iPod and now I need a Kindle or Nook just to read the damn title.

Twitter Beefs
Rap battles and beef with other hip hop artists is a part of the genre, it always has been and should continue in a constructive way. It makes rappers hungry to spit with fury and work on some of the best bars as a comeback, look at the amount of responses to Kendrick who had called rappers out on a Big Sean track. Yet, one thing I can't take is Twitter beefs. Lets "@" each other and Internet yell to one another calling out names like fuck boy and that you bit my steez. It looks childish, desperate for followers, and just a way to get attention on the hypebeast bloggers. Stop that.  Azealia Banks, I'm looking at you.

Sending Emails Mentioning That You Are Associated With Music Industry Names, When You Definitely Have No Affiliation
This might be more from my experience but to you upcoming rappers, do not lie about who you are apparently connected with in the industry. For the most part, writers and bloggers and sense the BS instantly and trust me we will remember every time you send us material and quickly drop that in the trash bin. I've had a few try to email and say Kanye co-signed so and so, and then you rap like Shaq after he had a few drinks over a beat you made on a child's toy. Yeah, I bet Jay-Z signed you or that G.O.O.D. music is calling. Tool.


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