Unsigned Friday: Raffe Salvadge [Get Raffe'd]

Ah, another Friday and that means the return of Unsigned Fridays. I get pretty submission during the week for this section, but I sort of fell off doing this every Friday. I do plan on continuing to post them, just will be more sporadic. This week, is Raffe Salvadge who has been experimenting with remixes and trap tunes. He calls his tracks "Get Raffe'd," so find out a bit about him below.

Who: Raffe Salvadge (Ray-ff). 23 year old, Making Trap/EDM remixes along with originals, under the name Get Raffed.

Where: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

When: Ive been making music and producing for a little under a year and didn't start posting songs for the public till about 6 months ago.

Why: Well its kind of a long and jumbled story. Started with music when I was around five playing instruments and teaching myself. When I got older, I got more time and motivation to try and record different things. Started out singing and making comedy videos on Youtube. Moved on from that when I started listening to a guy named Oscar Wylde and his remixes. That guy gives me motivation to do what I do. And, I figured if he can do it why cant I take a stab at it. Oh, everyone should probably go check his shit it out. He is a musical genius. Stay Caked Up.

Funny Moment: Uhmm I guess it was when I got stopped on the street by some girl who asked if I was "Raffy Savage" haha. I laughed and said "who?" about three times. I guess that's when I realized I had a small following out there.

Connect with Raffe Salvadge: Soundcloud | Twitter


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