As I Am - "Energy" (Second Single From Simplicity)

This past Tuesday, As I Am released the second single from his upcoming debut album, Simplicity, due out this coming Tuesday via The Truth Creative Agency. You heard the first single and title track last week, an urgent and intense cry for change and Simplicity in the world. This single, "Energy", is a much more peaceful, fun and danceable track. That's right! This is the closest As I Am has come to making a dance track! The epic piece is anchored by a BIG, constant, (almost) four to the floor kick and as it simply builds and then deconstructs itself over six minutes, the track urges you to move.

Of course, it still sounds very unique, as is to be expected from AIA. The track also has him rhyming something like a meditation on the ideas of energy, oneness, peace, abundance, and much, much more. All in all you've got a track that may prove to be As I Am's most accessible to date, and yet another reason to get online and buy this album when it drops next week! Speaking of buying... both singles from Simplicity are now available to purchase here. If you like these tracks and the art that As I Am is creating, please support this hard-working artist. Listen to "Energy" below.

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