Classixx – Santa Domino (Remix EP)

Classixx remixes

Los Angeles duo Classixx is back with three remixes of their tune "Santa Domino" that they put on an EP of the same name. Now, if you are experiencing cold weather like I am and it is harshin' your mellow, then let the first remix titled "Summer Dub" put you back in that warm weather mood. It's groovy and has tropic vibes throughout the 8 minutes it runs. The second remix is titled "Live Dub," which takes a completely different root from the first. It's darker and hits your ears a bit harder. I enjoy both, but right now I'd say the Summer Dub is my favorite. Both are from The Revenge, and there is another remix on this EP from Jas Shaw. Check two of the tunes out below and snag the EP here.



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