Indie Artists And Rappers That Need to Collaborate

Indie Bands and Rappers that need to Collaborate

I have a fairly diverse range of music tastes and I love when unexpected collaborations happen between different genres. For the most part if done right, the music can be something truly special. On this blog, indie music and hip hop are the most popular genres and the two we generally write a lot about. Randomly the other day I was thinking about indie artists/bands that should collaborate with rappers. I then took that a step further and chose someone from the indie side and paired them with someone specific from the hip hop side and viola, a new feature post was born. Below are a few I felt would be amazing to see and there are plenty more I'm sure I could think of but didn't want to turn this post into a novel. Check out some of my pairings below and let us know what you think or if you have any good ones that come to mind.

Coasts & Skizzy Mars
The English indie/alt band Coasts has such a great sound and their audience is continue to grow and for some reason Skizzy Mars came to mind. One of the reasons is Skizzy has sampled indie tunes before on his beats, but I felt like the flow and vocal style also would work with these guys.

The Neighbourhood & G-Eazy
While The Neighbourhood might not exactly be indie, I still fit them into a dark indie/pop sound and they have this slick style about them. Much like G-Eazy, who has a relaxed and methodical flow. I could picture G rapping and then Jesse crooning the hook.

Tennis & Logic
Okay bare with me on this one. Logic is on the serious come up and spits with intensity each time, but I was listening to Tennis and the latest song "Mean Streets," which  for some reason I felt her vocal ability could work with the Baltimore emcee.

Saint Motel & Action Bronson
I like Saint Motel since I first got wind of them over a year ago and they tend to be more upbeat/energetic tunes, which I feel might compliment that flow from New York spitter Action Bronson. Interesting? YES!

The 1975 & Chance The Rapper
This would be a really interesting pair to me as The 1975 are becoming one of the biggest acts from indie, plus with Chance's unique style and vocals, I think this could turn out pretty dope. If you have followed Chance at all, you know he does things in a more unconventional way in hip hop.


Some of these would be awesome if they happened. Nice picks.

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