My Freshest 50 of 2013

It's hard to believe that another year is nearly behind us.  The year, 2013 was a wild and crazy one for me with highlights that included: graduating from college and starting my first "real" job, going to my first of hopefully many Bonnaroo Festivals, and of course beginning my music blogging career writing for Oh So Fresh! Music.  It's crazy how fast time flies by!

After looking through my various playlists and downloads from throughout the year, I decided to compile a list of 50 songs that I thought would help kind of "sum up" what I was into in 2013.  I go through a lot of different genre phases, so if you're into pretty much anything other than country the list is well worth a look at. Hopefully you'll enjoy these songs as much as I did throughout the year.  I'm pumped to see what 2014 has to bring in terms of new music.  Check out the playlist, streaming below.



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