Music Wrap Up: 2013

Well folks, 2013 has officially wrapped up and it is weird to start typing or even seeing dates with 2014 at the end, but i guess that could be said every new year eh? This was also the first year that we did not really do a "Best Of" list whether it be songs, records, or blogs. Why? Well, the fact that creating these lists is time consuming and really hard to rate, I just found 2013 to be an overwhelmingly awesome year for music. Although, John did put together a nice playlist for us of 50 songs he enjoyed of the past year. It's quite good and sums things up nicely, check that right here.

Now, I've seen some naysayers of the last year and if you sit around and say you miss the good ol' days when music was good, I would personally like to slap you with a handful of flour. Not only were niche genres exploding, but again, this past year showed us why the Internet is an artist/bands best friend. So instead of any countdowns or best of I mentioned some quick highlights of 2013 below.

-Kendrick Lamar dropped a verse that shook hip hop in a good way and still won hip hop.

-Miley Cyrus took over the world by humping, twerking, foam finger licking, tongue sticking out, barely clothed, and releasing a decent record in the midst. She also assualted a hammer and rode a wrecking ball naked. Winning?

-Daft Punk returned with one of the catchiest single's of the Summer "Get Lucky," although I'm over the track. Still nice to see them comeback.

-Drake still has feelings and we love him for it. Taking the slogan "Wearing emotions on a sleeve" to a dope level.

-EDM dominated 2013 and with some big website launches in 2014, that will easily continue.

-Kanye had a baby with Kim Kardashian, released a record, released the weirdest fucking video with Kim, oh and did a lot of ranting.

 -I think Pitbull released something, or was that Flo Rida? Does that matter?

-Disclosure. Nuff' said.

-Electronic music. Besides EDM, just straight up electronic producers were winning. Who? Well, Ryan Hemsworth, Cashmere Cat, Kaytranada, tons and tons more.

-Major Lazer & Diplo.

-2013, the year you can make it without a label. Hi Macklemore, Hi G-Eazy.

-Gucci Mane LOL.

-Jay-Z is still an OG.

-Eminem still proved he has the lyrical chops and aggressive flow that we all love.

-Some people said Trap music was dying, I'd say it still was very much alive.

-"Harlem Shake" was the biggest thing ever thanks to all those viral videos. Who even started that video trend anyway?

 -Snoop Dogg, became Snoop Lion and then Snoopzilla. Yup.

-Future is the new T-Pain, clearly.

-Young New Zealand native Lorde dominates with "Royals" also gets called a racist by some journalist who more likely the racist to make such ridiculous claim.

-Still no Dr. Dre record, but then again, the dude is worth an ass ton of money thanks to those headphones.

-Robin Thicke and "Blurred Lines."

-Beyonce surprise album? No marketing needed and still sold more records than basically 90% of  signed artists and bands.

-Justin Bieber had his ranting and hooker loving moments, plus is actually making some decent tracks (compared to his previous material). Him and Miley are all about linking up with rappers lately.

 -And sadly lost some great musicians like Lou Reed and Ray Manzarek of the Doors.


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