Review: LSTN Headphones

A few days ago, I was sent an email from LSTN Headphones, who are based out of Los Angeles, about checking out a pair of their headphones. I'm a course a big user of headphones since I not only listen to music for this site, but at work and when I go to the gym, so I jumped at the opportunity. The company is relatively new starting in 2012 and they sell vintage inspired headphones made of reclaimed wood, which gives them a pretty refined look. It also means LSTN is environmentally friendly – they aren't out chopping down mass quantities of trees to create the products. Instead, the reclaimed wood that is used is sourced from furniture and flooring companies, using the discard scraps that are left over. Another great aspect to the company is for every pair of headphones sold, they help restore hearing to someone in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which is awesome. 

I was sent a pair of cherry wood earbuds (Bowerys as they called) to test out, which is also a favorite type of wood and look of mine. So what's included? A nice pair of earbuds featuring a nylon cord around the wire, which greatly reduces tangle. While I use my apple headphones that came with my iPod a lot, I tend to waste a few minutes trying to untangle the bastard. I've used these LSTN ones for a few days and have yet to have an issue with them getting in a giant knot. You also get a nice carrying pouch for protection and some extra rubber pieces that cover the speaker and make it comfortable while they are in your ears. I've had two friends of mine ask where I got these and how much they love the look, so LSTN is clearly doing it right with their style.

When I first put these on and played some music, I had to turn the volume down from my normal setting because these are so clear and they amplify the sound. I was not expecting that difference and nearly blew my eardrums out. This of course was humorous after the initial shock of being temporarily deafened , but then I was impressed that these earbuds had such intense clarity. So if you are looking for good sound, a sleek style, and also a way to help give back then LSTN is a brand to check out. You can check out their collection of earbuds (Bowerys), headphones (Fillmores or Troubadours), and accessories at the below links.

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