St. Lucia - "Elevate" (The Knocks remix)

The Knocks REmix
The Knocks are releasing an EP of their own called "Comfortable" tomorrow on Neon Gold Records but that didn't stop them from doing a killer remix of St. Lucia's "Elevate." Ambient and almost jungle like, similar to St. Lucia, The Knocks give this fantastic song a funky treatment. They replace the guitars from the original with an airy dance beat. The vocals are hardly messed with (but who would want to?) except for the addition of a vocoder here and there. Its 6 minutes of synthy and percussion excellence.

This wasn't the first time these groups have worked together. Last year, The Knocks released "Modern Hearts (ft. St Lucia)." The Knocks have announced a few dates in February and March but June is the highlight. They will take their talents to Wakarusa, a great crowd and location for these guys.



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