Jhameel - Lion's Den LP (Album Stream)

We've been following the brilliance that is Jhameel for a few years now and I've continue to watch him grow musically. Not only has his music become more sophisticated, but his fanbase has continue to develop. He's giving fans plenty of great free music, performance videos, and some drunk covers (which were always a great time). Plus, Jhameel has this friendly aura about him that makes it hard not to show some support to him. And now folks, after 2 years of work, Jhameel's album Lion's Den is here.

After 2 years of long nights, obsessive tweaking, intense frustration, and awe-inspiring creative joy, I am ecstatic/terrified/liberated/honored to give to you my new album "LION'S DEN". This one is for you, inspired by you, to be in careless celebration with you, to aid you in fear and darkness, to ponder with you in daze, to be your warmth in winter, and your chill in summer. May it be yours as much as it is mine.
with love,

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