Jamie xx – "All Under One Roof Raving"

Jamie xx All Under One Roof Raving

Music fans go nuts for new music from Jamie xx, who has this ability to fuse all sorts of styles into his productions. Over the weekend he released a preview of "All Under One Roof Raving," which I of course checked out. Yet, I also avoid posting previews and wait until a full track is shared. We didn't have to wait too long, because the full version is here. The experimental tune will most likely be featured on his upcoming solo record, but for now you can get the single via iTunes.

It's hard to really describe the sound on this as it has some tropical vibes, vocal samples, electronic sounds, and ambient tones. It's probably also the beauty of what Jamie xx does as there is no exact genre you can label him because his production style can shift with each track. Stream below via Young Turks.


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