As I Am - Just For Fun EP

Last Thursday experimental electronic artist As I Am put out a new EP of all instrumentals. This is second time he's done this in recent months, releasing his (Be​)​∆✞$ EP back in August. But, where those instrumentals were all from collaborations he's working on with rappers and vocalists, the songs on JFF were made to be heard on their own and together they make one of As I Am's best releases so far.

This EP is right up there with his debut mixtape O, and it's something completely different from it. These songs are quirky but danceable, experimental but maybe his most accessible release yet. The titles connect with the songs in a thematic way that ties everything together. "Vacation/Apocalypse" seems like a very random title until you listen to its breezy, beautiful melodies and beats that threaten to fall apart and turn menacing at just the right times. And "Ezekiel's Wheel" sounds like a damn good guess at what the biblical UFO-God experience might have been like and expresses it through otherworldy, entrancing sounds.

Listen to Just For Fun below and click the link and buy it if you like it. Have a great day!


1. Vacation/Apocalypse

2. All At Once (Midnight)

3. Shroomin'

4. Ezekiel's Wheel

5. TV Y7

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