As I Am - "On My Way (inst.)" & "Uplift My Self"

Hey all, I'm just hear to keep you updated on the world of mysterious music artist As I Am. Recently, As I Am has been on an uploading spree on his soundcloud and youtube account, so I've chosen two new, very different tracks to have you listen to. About two weeks ago, he uploaded two new instrumental tracks to soundcloud that were very emotional and epic as hell. One has since disappeared, possibly to return in a more finished version... who really knows with this guy? But, since that one has disappeared another new and polished song complete with vocals has appeared on youtube.

So, I have one instrumental called "On My Way...". It is one of the more sampled based tracks As I Am has done and seems ideal for a vocalist to vent some very heavy thoughts, but it also stands perfectly on its own two, voicing deep unconscious feelings of solitude and self-searching with no discernible words.

Then I have "Uplift My Self", a song with As I Am on vocals "resurrecting and conjuring up childlike love" and voicing his perspective of America and the world at large. Throughout this track As I Am raps, sings, speaks, and a few things in between overtop of his usual, other-worldy production.

I can hear the growth happening in As I Am and I'm excited to see what's coming next. Listen to these two distinct tracks below.


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