The Best Hip Hop Artists of 2015

As we currently are approaching the third month of the new year, I thought it would be interesting to do a feature on the best hip hop artists of 2015. Now, there are a ton of rappers and hip hop artists out there doing big things, whether mainstream or on the indie side, so don't get your panties twisted if you don't see one of your favorites. This is more or less my opinion and also off the top of my head, so I could easily have overlooked someone. If I did, hit the comments below and let me know. Also, there is no actual ranking for these rappers, just some that I think are doing it right in 2015 or will be. These choices came to mind when I think of things like lyrics, productions, attention, and blogs talking about them.

Kendrick Lamar 
New album, became one of the biggest names in hip hop, lyrical, and does what he wants. First single cause a stir, yet still was dope. Now he released one with lyrical vengeance.

Debut album in 2014, but his name has carried over to the rest of 2015. Name everywhere and when he drops a new track, you know all the blogs scoop it up.

This is just obvious. Dude pulled a Beyonce and dropped an album out of nowhere, sold over 500k first week and millions of streams on Spotify. Releasing another album in 2015 still, whether you find him whack or not, he is here to stay.

Action Bronson
There is no slowing this guy down, everything he drops is fire and he is working with some of the best producers in the game. You can't deny Bronson in 2015.

Although G's big year was 2014, this doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to be listed in 2015. While his lyrics aren't exactly crazy, his hustle and work ethic are something to be praised. Plus, his music is still on point.

Skizzy Mars
This New York rapper has been on the verge for a looong time. His indie/rap productions were catching on in the beginning, but now he has continue to improve. Skizzy's moment is so close.

Rae Sremmurd
The duo while coming off gimmicky at first, are killin' it and released a pretty solid album. Not the most lyrical, but they are doing it big and that won't slow down in 2015.

Vic Mensa
The Chicago emcee is one of the more interesting ones to me. He has been experimenting with his sound a lot more and showing some versatility. 2015 will be a big year for him and he is still early in his career.

Azad Right
The homie has been grinding since I started this blog in 2010, but he has continued to progress and grow. His time is coming sort of like how G-Eazy blew up. I can see Azad having similar success.

Joey Bada$$
Crazy how young this kid is and his intensity/flows are crazy. Released his debut and isn't showing signs of slowing down in 2015.

Luke Christopher
Recently signed and still sort of flying under the radar, this kid puts out a hell of a lot of music weekly. Produces, writes, sings, and raps. While 2015 might not be his year to blow up, it's his time to show more dominance and take it to the next level. Def one of the best out and more sites are picking up on it.

Childish Gambino
So many wrote him off in the beginning or thought of him as corny, but I've always dug his sound. Plus, his most recent mixtapes and album show how serious Donald Glover is. Look at the plays and love he gets.

Kanye West
All the constant news about him and his wifey can get annoying, but no denying West's creativity and staying power in music. We'll be hearing plenty more about his new music this year.

Bars, beats, and uniqueness. Plus, the dude is working with Rick Rubin. Enough said.

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