Introducing Fanswell

Fanswell: A Place for musicians and fans to connect

So a few weeks ago I mentioned on Twitter that I was working on something new that would be a great tool for artists, managers, and music fans alike. Now that it has become official, I wanted to make note that I am now the Content Manager for a brilliant new music site called Fanswell. Here, my job will be to bring creative direction to the content, everything from blogging, email blasts, marketing, artist interviews, and much more. Now, don't worry I'm not leaving Oh So Fresh! Music in the dark for all 10 readers who still visit daily, I'll continue to share some great music here as well. So now, what exactly is Fanswell?

Fanswell makes it easy for musicians and fans to connect for live shows in private places like living rooms, backyards, coffee houses, etc. Instead of your typical club or large venue performance, this allows the artist and music fan to connect on a more personal level. Sign-up is free and allows the user to do multiple things.
  • Artists/Managers: As artists or bands when you sign up it allows you to plan and book your own shows or set your preferences to where you'd like to perform. You can customize your message, reach fans, and also find great hosts to play your music. From there you can agree on terms, fees, and generate new fans. Take a look at the artists we have featured already and how your profile can look. This also works great for managers of artists or bands too. You can sign-up for free here
  • Fans: As a fan, you can create an account with Fanswell also. You can request shows and see your favorite artists/band's schedule. You can asks the artist details, start conversations about a show, or more. You can also invite friends, sell tickets, or crowdfund. 
I'm pretty excited not only about the opportunity to work with this music start-up, but the idea and passion behind the website. The team is small, but growing with big ideas to improve site functions and change the way we connect to music. The site is open to all genres and we will be focusing on that more so all artists feel welcome.

For more information about Fanswell you can check out the FAQ page and peep the intro video below. If you have any additional questions or curious about it more, reach out to me on Twitter or at my email love to help bring more artists and bands on board!

Connect with Fanswell: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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