The Chainsmokers - "Waterbed" ft. Waterbed

New York production duo The Chainsmokers have been on a streak with their new original material, especially as they continue to develop and found their sound. The latest from them is called "Waterbed," which follows up the recent "Roses." While not a heavy dance track, the cool electronic production and the female vocals still make an enticing tune to shake it to. Oh and you might be wondering why the song title and the guest feature on the song are the same, well according to The Chainsmokers:

"Why is the name the same as the featured artists. Well Waterbed wrote the top line for this and well given the hook it really didn't make any sense to call it anything else, and its a cool name! Also fyi waterbed the band is a boy and girl who also date, they work out of LA and kick fucking ass!!!"


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