The Lighthouse and the Whaler - "In Motion"

The Lighthouse and the Whaler - "In Motion"

I can't remember the last time I had posted about The Lighthouse and the Whaler, but it's been awhile. Sorry guys, didn't mean to not follow up on your music because I'm a fan of your tunes! It happens though, especially with the amount of submissions and music I look through each day.

Luckily going through my playlist today, I saw one of their songs and decided to peep their Soundcloud, which had a new song called "In motion" posted. The single will be on their forthcoming new album Mont Royal, out 8/28 on Roll Call Records. Yet, it's the type of song that blends good indie-rock and elements of folk and pop together. And now that I know they have something new in the works, I'll be following closer. Stream the song below.


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