Apache Prophet - "Unfinished Sonata" (Prod. Taz Taylor & MayeniacBeats)

Good morning. Did you have a dream?

Last time you heard a song from Apache Prophet he was weaving a tragic tale of loss and unrequited love, and while that song was a fictional tale(?), the artist himself is no stranger to real loss. His last album, If He Dies He Dies 2, is an autobiographical epic about Prophet's dealing with the deaths of his best friend and older brother. As you can imagine, these two losses so close together devastated him and he found himself struggling with alcoholism, drug abuse, and depression. However, by the end of the story, Prophet has been saved from his greatest enemy (himself) by the love of his now girlfriend and by making peace with his past.

"Unfinished Sonata" was released last week via his twitter and it finds Prophet returning to his story to give us an update on where he is in this moment. First of all, this is the best and most focused song I've heard from him so far. This is due to a few things, but the one that stands out most is that Prophet really opens up on this track about his struggle with depression. Depression is a very real and often misunderstood issue for many people. There are people who, as a result of chemical imbalances in their brain, trauma, or some combination of the two, have a really hard time overcoming sadness or apathy and being motivated to go about their daily lives. Yet most people are not understanding of this and treat people with depression like they can just snap out of it. I've had personal experience with this just recently and it seems that the first step is people opening up like this and talking about the struggle that is very real.

On this track Prophet does not only open up about his struggle, but he offers himself and his music as a place of refuge for people who feel this way. A place where they can overcome. It's a really beautiful track and I sincerely hope you enjoy it.


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