Mayer Hawthorne - "Handy Man"

Mayer Hawthorne "Handy Man"

Singer Mayer Hawthorne hasn't been featured here a lot, but I do dig the music. His latest single is called "Handy Man," which was written, produced, and mixed by Hawthorne as well. Showcasing he has the musical chops to do more than just croon. The song is an R&B/soul ode and even has a bit of a classic feel to it. This is a track that should get you in a better mood with its upbeat bounce, horn section, piano solo, and cool sax solo. This song won't make his upcoming album, but he wanted share with fans. You can snag this song hammer USB flash drive. Stream the song below.

Horns: Will Sessions
Baritone Sax solo: Justin Jozwiak
Piano solo: Quincy McCrary
All other instruments: Mayer


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