Portugal. The Man Cover Kanye West’s “Amazing”

Portugal. The Man Covers Kanye's "Amazing"

I love when cool bands do interesting covers of other popular artists, which is exactly what Portugal. The Man did with Kanye's "Amazing." Why did they choose this one though? Well, Kanye had announced that he would be performing a two night concert of his album 808s & Heartbreaks, in honor of it's release. So the indie/experimental band wanted to honor it in some way and released this smooth cover. Enjoy below.

We saw that Ryan Adams covered Taylor Swift’s "1989" so we decided to go ahead and cover something good. Kanye is playing 808s & Heartbreak at Hollywood Bowl tonight, if we were not in Marfa playing El Cosmico - Trans-Pescos Festival we would be there, one of our all-time favorite records. Here is…"Amazing."


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