Stream Stick Figure's New Album, Set In Stone

Stick Figure, Set In Stone

It's been quite awhile since I shared some good reggae music, but California natives Stick Figure recently released a new album that cannot be ignored. I'm actually quite new to Stick Figure, who I saw just the other week opening up for Slightly Stoopid. These guys already have a nice underground following and are now really starting to breakout into the scene.

After watching them live, I knew right away why these guys are getting more popular. Their performance was incredible and they sound damn good live, which of course made me a fan right away. The group also recently released their new album, Set In Stone, this past Friday and it is killer. The record is doing pretty well on the charts and I did not dislike one song on the record. Many of you might not be into reggae, but if you are open to different genres, I urge you to check it out below. You can snag this on iTunes right now!


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