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Ah, music discovery, such a fun and sometimes frustrating part of every music lovers day. I know I have personally found a lot of great songs through Soundcloud, but it can also be a tedious task with the endless amount of music on the platform. While the suggestions do have some cool stuff, it's still pretty random and hard to go through everything. Plus, with the millions of songs on the platform, how can you truly pick through everything or discover someone still unknown? That's where a new app called Hive becomes valuable.

I'm currently working as the Head of Artist Acquisition, to help the music community see how this app can improve their music discovery process. But the app is also valuable for artists who are looking to reach new audiences, get song stats, demographics, and more to help guide them further into their career.

Learn more on the website or download now for free! Want to know more about it? Here is how it is beneficial to music fans, artists, band managers, & more.

Music Fans

  • You can type in genres and a 30-second clip plays, if you like it swipe right and it adds the full song to a playlist. If you swipe left the song goes away!
  • Additionally, when you like a song it will then be shared to 6 new users looking for similar music. So not only are you getting a cool track in your playlist you can access anytime (or send it to your Soundcloud account), but your sharing with other people and getting songs from other music fans who enjoyed a particular track. This also helps the artist reach more potential fans and helps their music to go viral. Tight.

Artists, Band Managers, & Booking Agents

  • Hive app helps promote the music and songs an artist chooses to post from their Soundcloud via the app. The artist can easily sign into the app with their Soundcloud, post the songs they want to share, and let the music addicts do the discovering. 
  • From there they can get all sorts of statistics and demographics on how particular songs are doing. 
  • The app has integrated Soundcloud's API, so any plays count on the song and clicking the artist name takes you to their page. So fans can check out your full profile.
  • Hive also adds share icons to Twitter, email, or in a text to quickly help spread a song to even more friends or family.
  • Hive creates valuable data for booking agents as well to make the best booking decisions possible. We make sure the band has the right size and type of following for your venue, so you can be confident you'll sell out your shows.
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