Instant Concert Ticket Recommendations to Your Phone

So many of you may have noticed I do not post on the blog much, but don't worry, I still plan on new music from time to time. You might also remember the cool music app called Hive - Music Discovery that I was helping work on (or maybe not, but go check it out). Well, that project is currently on a break and will be re-visited in the near future. The bigger question is, what have I been working on?

In collaboration with Hive's CEO, we started another music related venture. We currently are only in product testing and will eventually be making this an even bigger monster, but for now we are looking for honest feedback on the concept. We already have functioning website up and you can sign up for free. WIN.

The product is called /Guru and based on your music preferences, you will receive custom ticket recommendations directly to your phone via text. What do you get in the text? A link to the artists music and of course a direct link to purchase your ticket. You'll get artists and bands you recognize, discover new ones, and even get discount offers on cool shows in your area.

Why did we create this with so many ticket platforms? We love most of the ones out there, but we wanted to find an even simpler solution. I personally always forget to read emails for upcoming concerts, lose track of emails about concerts, nor am I always monitoring bands or venues social media accounts for the latest concerts. I also tend to not like looking online and scouring the web for concerts (maybe I'm just lazy). This now gives labels, music venues, and artists a simple way to directly reach concert goers and new fans.

Instant concert ticket recommendations

This is the first time we are really promoting this out to the public and are looking for people to test it out, provide feedback, or send product features they would like to see incorporated. And remember, it's free to sign-up and start getting ticket recommendations!

We'll provide more updates in the near future, but if you want to help us out, offer feedback/suggestions, or if you want to partner in some way, feel free to reach out via email.


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